Letter to Announce New Business Opening

Re. Letter to Announce New Business

The Residents of [Area], I am highly delighted to announce the opening of my new superstore in the town. The name of the store is [OFFICIAL NAME OF THE STORE]. I am incredibly hopeful that the store shall be able to fulfill all the needs and expectations of the nearby residents. It has all the required items for domestic households. I have tried my best to make everything available in every possible way.

The store offers different kinds of discounts in different sections. Moreover, we have collaborated with the [NAME THE BANK] to give a discount to the customers who will pay by the credit or debit card of the mentioned bank.

The list of the available items has been attached to the letter. Please look and give feedback on [GIVE THE NUMBER FOR FEEDBACK]. We shall be pleased to have your honest and kind opinion on the subject. The items are all genuine and organic. Most of the items are packed organically to cut down on plastic use. We have used solar energy to curtail the electric supply of the store. It is done to give a gesture on the seriousness of climate change and the need for alternative means.

Furthermore, we are giving free tea and sandwiches to the customer who is going to visit us tomorrow just as treat for them. Also, we are offering a flat 20% discount on each item regardless of the department.

Please visit the superstore located at [PRECISE LOCATION] tomorrow. Thank you.

Phone no. [PHONE]





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Re. Announcement of the New Business Opening

Mr. [NAME],

I am happy to share with you and announce to all that I am starting my new business in the field of self-care and therapy centers.

The inauguration is on [DATE] and you are invited to the event. We will offer hi-tea to our reverend guests at the event on [TIME]. Please visit our branch and check out how you like it.

Our new business name is [OFFICIAL NAME]. It is located at [EXACT LOCATION WITH POSTAL CODE]. We hired one of the most expert people to work. We are starting our services with hair care for both males and females, excessive hair removal, massage therapies, skincare, manicure, pedicures, and massages. We shall expand our business in the future and widen the horizon of our services.

Currently, we are offering special discounts and packages on all our services. We are providing both collective packages and individual services. We shall be offering a flat 30% off on all services for the first week after the inauguration. The invitation is open to all, we shall be glad to serve you and show you our newly opened business. Please bring your friends with you to enjoy the hi-tea and free service on selective packages.

Call [PHONE] to know more about us. Find the list of our packages in the attached pamphlet. Thank you.



Letter to announce new business opening

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