Letter to Apply for Temporary Employment in a Foreign Country

A job application is a cover letter that accompanies your CV/resume. It mentions the specific job you are applying for and discuss your relevant skills and qualifications. While applying for a temporary job abroad, this application also states why you wish to work in a foreign country.

Here are more tips to help you apply for temporary employment abroad.

  • Mention the Job you are Applying for

Begin by clearly mentioning the job you wish to apply for. State the post and the name of the organization. In addition, also mention where you found out about this job opening. It may be a job advertisement in a newspaper, an online job portal or an ad posted on social media. Provide the right reference before moving on with the rest of the application.

  • Explain why you Wish to Work Abroad

Briefly state your wish for seeking employment in a foreign country. For instance, you may state that it is a great opportunity for the progress of your career. Moving to a foreign land for a job is not easy. It requires one to make a lot of adjustments to one’s life. Therefore, by mentioning your reason in this application, you will prove to your potential employer that you are truly motivated for this job.

  • Discuss your Educational Background

Go into a brief discussion about your educational qualifications. Proper details are provided in the enclosed CV. Therefore, only provide brief and relevant information so that your potential employer gets an idea about how suitable you may be for the job opening.

  • Summarize your Work Experience and Skills

Once again, detailed information about your work experience is provided through the attached CV. However, to provide a summary of your relevant work experience. Additionally, mention the skills you possess which may be useful for the applied job. In this way, the potential employer will know at a glance why you are a suitable candidate for this job.

  • State why you should be Hired

After discussing your qualifications, skills, and experience, provide a convincing statement of why you consider yourself to be a good fit for the applied post. Show your determination and enthusiasm for the job. Remember you are competing against many other competent applicants. Many of them must be locals who will be given a higher priority in the hiring process. You must, therefore, impress your potential employer to choose you over the others.

  • Enclose your CV/Resume

A CV or resume is always attached to a job application letter. Do mention in the letter that you have enclosed this document along with any other required particulars.

  • Provide Contact Information for Interview

Since it is a foreign-based job, your first interview may be conducted over the phone or a video call. Provide your contact details accordingly and mention your availability clearly.

Sample Letter

I am writing to apply for the job advertised by you in XYZ International Newspaper on 25th June 2019. I seek the post of Junior Assistant to the Chief Manager. I am interested in the 1-year contract offered by you. It is a great opportunity for me to work in the United States and enhance my job experience.

I have a diploma in Project Management from ABC University, India. I also possess basic computer skills with proficiency in MS Office. In addition, I can also speak English fluently which will help me communicate well with my superiors, co-workers as well as clients.

I have worked as a personal assistant for 2 years with the Senior Manager at ABC Company. During this job, I gained a lot of experience with organizing skills. In addition, I learned to work within tight deadlines and apply to multitask to my assigned tasks. I can, therefore, offer you everything you are looking for.

Please find enclosed my CV with this letter. I am hopeful that this job will give rise to prospects of further opportunities in prestigious organizations in the US after the completion of my 1-year contract with you.

I feel quite enthusiastic about this job. I really look forward to working with (name of company). You may give me a call at (provide personal number) for an interview. I am available any time between 9 am and 6 pm local time.

Letter to Apply for Temporary Employment in a Foreign Country

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