Letter to approve attending a conference or seminar

Attending conferences and seminars is an important part of the work experience. It is beneficial for one’s career as such events add to one’s learning. However, not all employees of an organization have the privilege to be a part of this learning experience. Only the worthy candidates are selected to attend certain conferences or seminars.

An employee may request authorization to attend an upcoming event. Upon approval by the management, he is informed by means of an official letter. This letter covers the information discussed below.

Announce the approval with detail

State your approval for an employee’s attendance at a conference or seminar. Provide necessary details such as the place, date and time for the conference.

State the Reason for Approval

Provide your reason for selecting the particular employee for attending the event. State what qualifies him for this selection. It may be his qualifications, skills, or keenness to attend the seminar or conference. Stating the reason will boost the employee’s confidence and make him show more enthusiasm towards attending the event.

Discuss the Company’s Expectations

The employee may be required to share his knowledge gained at the conference/seminar with other employees of the company. State clearly how you wish the employee to transfer the knowledge or ideas to others at the office. For instance, a workshop may be planned. Discuss these plans in the letter so that the employee can be prepared for them.

Discuss the Payment of the Expenses

Since it is an official conference/seminar, the company is responsible for travel and accommodation expenses. Inform the employee what expenses will be covered by the organization. Other details may also be included. For instance, mention clearly if a certain limit has been set for the expenditure. Moreover, also request the receipts and relevant documents if required.

Sample Letter

I am pleased to inform you that the board has approved your request to attend the XYZ Seminar in London, England on the 16th of May. You will be our company’s representative at this 3-day event.

Among other employees of the organization, you are a worthy candidate for attending this seminar. The board has based your selection on your qualifications and experience. In addition, you have also shown your own interest in being a part of this event. Your enthusiasm has been taken into consideration by the authorities for the approval of your request.

It is going to be a great learning experience for you. It will certainly be an important upgrade for your CV. The company wants you to share your learning once you return to the office. We are going to organize an official workshop so that you can impart the knowledge gained at the seminar to other employees of the company. This training session is going to be valuable for the overall progress of the organization.

All your travel and accommodation expenses will be reimbursed by the company. You may take your spouse along on the trip. However, the company will not be responsible for any extra expenses.

Kindly contact Mr. John of the HR Department for further details.

Letter to approve attending a conference or seminar

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