Letter to approve a vacation or leave of absence

When an employee submits a leave application, he is provided an official approval by means of a letter. It is a formal and comprehensive piece of document. The following discussion explains the contents of this letter.

Provide the Approval

The letter begins by providing an official approval for vacation or leave of absence. It is a formal letter and, therefore, states the purpose clearly. That’s why it should begin with the approval instead of stating any irrelevant details in the opening lines.

State the Relevant Dates

Mention the time period for the approved leave. In case of annual leave or maternity leave, it may be a couple of weeks to a month or so depending on the policy of the concerned organization. In the other hand, leave requests for sickness, emergencies, personal business, and other similar reasons may be approved for only a few days. Therefore, it is important to state exactly when the leave begins and when the employee is supposed to report back to work.

Request for Completion of Tasks before Leaving

There may be some tasks which need to be completed before the employee leaves for his vacation. In this case, state clearly what you require the employee to do before his official leave begins. Moreover, it should also be mentioned if these dates are flexible and the employee may request an extension of the leave period.

Discuss the Substitute

You may hire a substitute or appoint someone from within the organization to fill in for your employee during his absence. Likewise, a colleague may be assigned extra responsibilities. Organizations often need to take this step so that all the work keeps on running smoothly even during the absence of an employee. In this case, discuss who the substitute is going to be and how he/she must be directed accordingly.

Close with a Courteous Wish

After providing the relevant and necessary details and instructions, close the letter with a courteous wish. State that you hope that your employee enjoys his break if he is going on a vacation. Alternatively, provide your well-wishes if your employee is going on leave due to sickness, pregnancy or other medical reasons. Show your concern and mention that you hope well for your employee during his absence.

Sample Letter -1

Your leave application has been approved by the Senior Manager. As requested, you may start your vacation from the 16th of May to 3rd June. Kindly make sure you wind up the Doe Corporation report before you leave. Moreover, you are also supposed to brief the Junior Assistant, Mr. XYZ about dealing with your clients during your absence.

We hope you enjoy your holidays. It is a well-deserved break from work.

Sample Letter -2

It is to inform you that your requested maternity leave for the 5th of January has been approved. Your re-joining date shall be on 10th March. In case you require an extension for your leave owing to any complications, you are requested to inform the office in advance.

Miss Jane of the Human Resource department will be filling in for you during your absence. With her prior experience and relevant skills, she is the most suitable candidate for carrying out your work duties while you are on your maternity leave. Kindly brief her about your ongoing projects and existing clients. You are also requested to remain in touch with her through email. Your cooperation shall be appreciated. 

The office wishes you the best of luck for welcoming the newborn to the world. We pray that everything goes well.

Letter to approve a vacation or leave of absence

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