Letter to authorize research, study or report

Organizations often conduct studies and research for various purposes. Such projects need to be approved by the management so that a proper budget can be allocated. In addition, the authorities also need to issue specific instructions for the task to be carried out. Similarly, research studies and reports are also a part of educational organizations. Such research work also requires proper authorization so that funding or grants can be sanctioned accordingly.

When such projects have been approved, a letter of authorization is composed containing all necessary information including the allocated budget, instructions, and other details. This piece of the document provides official permission for the task to be carried out. It also outlines a timeline within which the employees must reach the project goals.

Guidelines for producing this formal letter are given below.

  • Provide the Authorization

Begin the letter by stating what is this in reference to. Mention clearly the study or report you are providing the authorization for. The first paragraph should be used to briefly discuss the study/report and its purpose.

  • Discuss Details of the Study/Report

The next part of the letter discusses other relevant details about the study/report. State who is responsible for supervising it. Mention the assigned tasks and discuss the company’s requirements regarding them. For instance, the company may require a weekly report to be submitted highlighting the progress made at every step.

  • Provide Necessary Instructions

State the exact instructions provided by the company for carrying out a study or preparing a report. Detailed instructions may be enclosed with the letter or discussed in a meeting. Use the letter to provide the main guidelines only so that other areas of the approval can also be focused.

  • Discuss Deadline and Budget

Provide a deadline for the work to be submitted. The task may be broken down into milestones. In this case state clearly when the company expects each milestone to be achieved. In addition, if the study or report involves finances, discuss the company’s budget. State how much the employee is entitled to spend on this official task. Moreover, discuss how the payment will be made.

Sample Letter

This is with reference to your proposal about upgrading our product line for the upcoming fall collection. The company has authorized a survey to be conducted under your supervision. This survey will focus on how our clients will respond to the introduction of a new line of party wear collection for women. A report needs to be prepared at the end of the survey highlighting the results and concluding the future prospects of the new collection.

The company has made you in charge of this task since you coined the idea and can, therefore, handle the task better than anyone else. You are accordingly assigned the job of supervising your team for conducting this survey. Weakly reports are to be emailed to the Senior Manager. At the end of the survey, prepare one comprehensive report to discuss the conclusion. This report will be reviewed by the entire board. You will also be required to prepare a presentation to discuss your findings.

The survey must be conducted through different channels in order to reach the maximum number of people. Include our existing customers as well as potential clients. Use different social media platforms, email our existing clients and ask walk-in customers to fill out survey forms. The company has allocated a period of one month for this survey. The board expects the final report to be submitted by the mid of July. In this way, there will be sufficient time for us to get the new line ready before the fall season. Therefore, you must begin your survey within this weak.

Kindly prepare the survey questions and submit them to the Senior Manager for approval. You may contact me in case of any queries. I wish you good luck with the task.

Letter to authorize research, study or report

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