Letter to Confirm Employment for Bank

The post-application period for an individual is the most challenging one pertaining to the uncertainty of the job even if you have been successful at the interview.

Winning the verbal interview is not always evident in securing the post you have applied for. In living reality, a lot of applicants never receive the employment call or letter that they presumed would easily get. No company is bound, both legally and morally, to hire applicants who’ve performed well in front of the interview panel.

However, once a company/organization is sure they’ve hunted the right candidate for the vacant position, it won’t hesitate to employ him/her. Now the question arises, how to let the candidate know in the most professional way. There can be various methods of announcing employment like a phone call, an email, or a formal letter sent at the address of the potential employee. Generally, it depends on the scale and magnitude of the company what kind of options they go for.

For big-scale corporations and organizations, a lawyer is hired who goes through all the clauses and conditions of employability for the company. After that, a team of HR, copywriters, and the lawyer sit down to craft an employment letter with no loopholes and make sure it won’t open a window for troubles for both ends.

The letter contains all the important and crucial information about the position, for instance, the role of the candidate, expected duties, the work hours, and the duration of the contract. It also mentions the pay rate and its nature (per hour or per annum) alongside the details on how and on what date shall the employee receives its due salary.

If the workplace offers any bonuses or benefits like health insurance, conveyance stipend, dental insurance, or any other kind of facility, the letter makes that clear as well. An instruction book is mostly included to alert the candidate of all the dos and don’ts inside the premises of the workplace containing the repercussions and consequences.

Enough with the elaborations, now let’s take a look into the sample we’ve drafted to help you navigate the matter closely.

Sample Letter

Dear Mark Smith,

It is hereby intimated to you with great excitement that Skyrocket Solutions has decided to bring you onboard given your excellent performance in the interview and your persuasive resume. You are just a couple of formalities away from the commencement. As per the company policies, you are required to submit a copy of your COVID-19 test within 3-working days.

Enclosed in this letter are all relevant details pertaining to your employment including your salary, nature of the position you successfully secured with the expectations, and all the terms and conditions of this job.

We advise you to go through the benefits and compensation page as well before you plunge in and sign on it. Please understand that the company has a right to exercise the disciplinary methods in an unfortunate case of failure to comply with the requirements.

We look forward to a healthy work relationship.


[XYZ ]

Letter to Confirm Employment for Bank

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