Letter Requesting 2 Hours of Leave due to Emergency

In everyday life, emergencies are inevitable and unavoidable regardless of your circumstances and the bitter reality about them is, they have to be addressed immediately no matter wherever you are stuck with. You’re having a packed day at school or you’re at work and your boss has called you for an important meeting, but a sudden and urgent crisis pops up out of nowhere leaving you with no other option but to quit everything and confront it only.

But the nature of the workplace mandates the employees to complete the work hours and due responsibilities of the day before leaving. Almost all the companies or organizations penalize their employees for leaving during the work hours from modest to extreme. However, since there’s a strong reason one gets an emergency, the companies have allowed workers to quit whatever they’re doing even if it is of significant value but there’s a protocol to it.

The right way of addressing the emergency, if you must, at the workplace is to inform your superiors prior. Leaving the place without any update to the boss is considered a massive blunder that can be a ground for disciplinary measures. Thus, one must resort to the professional protocol of writing a letter requesting 2 hours of leave due to an emergency.

One crucial thing to remember while drafting a request letter is, mention 1 hour more than you think you will require because you can be late due to any relevant work. It will not cost you much trouble or payback at work but reaching back at work later than you asked for will make you stand out as an irregular and unprincipled worker.

There are a few more tips you should be mindful of while you draft this letter.

  • Never order your boss, write in a requesting way. We don’t recommend begging either.
  • State the grave nature of the emergency and how it is inevitable for you to address it.
  • Also mention when you will be back at work.

Now as we have talked about the elements and factors, let’s look at the sample we have made for you.

Sample Letter

Dear Mike,

I, Danial McGregor, a regular employee of XYZ Solutions at the HR department for 1-year now and I can confidently say that I am a diligent and efficient worker who has done his part in the growth of this company.

I have been quite regular and disciplined with my work hours and everyday duties, but I have got an emergency to address today. My wife is expecting our baby today and I received a call from my home that she has to leave for the hospital for her delivery in an emergency just now.

I request you to grant me a 2-hour leave, and I shall return after this time as I will make certain arrangements for her.

Kindly let me know your stand on this so I make another arrangement in such a critical family time.


Danial McGregor,
HR Department

Letter Requesting 2 Hours of Leave due to Emergency

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