Offshore Holiday Email to Client


Re. Informing my Leave Offshore from [DATE] to [DATE]

Dear [NAME], I hope this email finds you well and in the best of your spirits. I immensely wish you all the best work, energy, and health for the future project that we are doing together. I understand this project needs immense energy and a complete concentration. I am also very excited about this project and have been waiting anxiously for the initiation of the program with the kickoff by the project manager of us.

As the department of project management has been merged with the department of research and development to make the research effective and efficient. Due to the merge, there has been a little delay in the initiation of this project and the execution of planned strategies and organization.

I have to meet a medical emergency at my home in [CITY, COUNTRY]. Therefore, I will be on leave from [DATE] to [DTAE]. I thoroughly believe that to initiate the project, my regularity and integration are important than anything else but I am compelled to do so due to the unavoidable situation.

I assure you that I shall try to stay in touch with the project development as much as I could. My mother has been suffering from arthritis and she has been asked to stay on complete rest for a week. There is no one who can take care of her, therefore, my leave is mandatory in this case.

Please note my phone number [PHONE] that you can use for any kind of important and urgent queries and involve my insinuation. I shall be grateful if you concentrate on the theoretical part of the project before heading towards the immediate implication. Thank you.


Offshore holiday email to client
Offshore holiday email to client


Re. Offshore Leave

Hello [NAME],

I hope you are fine and doing your best. I am [NAME], the [DESIGNATION] from the [COMPANY]. On [DATE], we signed a contract on finishing the goods and products along with their technical creaming of raw oils on the ship. The deadline for the final product to be dispatched was [DATE] whereas I find it difficult to compress the deadline and meet it till the said date.

As I am going on leave from [DATE] to [DATE] because I have to visit [ANOTHER COUNTRY] for the CSDFC Conference that is a joint venture of [NAME THE COMPANY] and [ANOTHER COMPANY]. To join this conference, the federation of corporate industries has chosen me to join the conference and present the GHKS and discuss the new laws passed by the government of [NAME].

During this, I shall not see any of the office work back in the company as this conference and the presentation requires a lot of concentration and focus. Therefore, I would be considered on leave from the ship oil reservation and mines work from [DATE] to [DATE].

During this time, Mr. [NAME] shall deal with all the work there. If you cannot wait for the cruise of work for another deadline then please write to me before [DATE], so that I can handle your profile and project to Mr. [NAME]. You will be informed of all the changes and projections soon after you send your submissions on the further propagation of the project.

Thank you. Please use my office email [EMAIL] or phone number [PHONE] to contact me during office hours.


Offshore holiday email to client
Offshore holiday email to client

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