Excuse Letter of Absence due to Vaccination


Re. Excuse for Absence due to Covid-19 Vaccination

Dear Sir, I am writing this letter to excuse my absence from work on [DATE]. My absence on the said date created multiple issues at the workplace as the day was marked with the appointments of fresh candidates for the position of Research Assistant in the Department of Planning and Development. Being a Senior Research Fellow and Program Manager, my presence for the appointments was mandatory and had to be on the dot. As I understand the necessity of immediate action, I request you to excuse my absence.

Unfortunately, my appointment for the vaccination against Covid-19 collided with the date of recruitment of fresh candidates. For this, I had to travel 4.7 miles to get my first job as the canceled appointment were not to be rescheduled till [DATE]. On [DATE], I received a policy letter from Human Resources, where it was made mandatory to get the vaccination before [DATE] otherwise a fine of $[X] had to be imposed. To get myself vaccinated completely before the deadline, I was in no position to cancel my appointment for the vaccination.

On [DATE], I got my first dose of vaccination [NAME THE VACCINATION] from [NAME THE HOSPITAL YOU GOT VACCINATED FROM]. Sir, I request you to excuse my absence on the mentioned grounds. Moreover, there was a miscommunication countered by the Human Resources on my leave for the day. Please respond to me at [EMAIL]. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.


Excuse letter of absence due to vaccination

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Re. Absence from Work due to Covid-19

Dear Sir,

I am [NAME], the [DESIGNATION] in your firm. On the immediate efficacy of the law changed on the company’s employment policies on [DATE], all the employees were directed to get themselves fully vaccinated. Moreover, it was told by the SMS service of the company, the employees with no vaccination or partial vaccination shall not be permitted to work until they get themselves fully vaccinated and the salary for all the days not worked shall be deducted from the monthly income.

Sir, I did not get myself vaccinated till [DATE] due to prolonged flu and cough. After getting the warning letter, I got myself vaccinated with the single-dose vaccination i.e. [NAME THE VACCINATION] from [NAME THE VACCINATION CENTER] on [DATE]. I have enclosed my vaccination certificate for evidence.

After getting myself vaccinated, I got seriously ill and caught the vaccination’s side effects. I had to go through the prolonged flu and fever for more than a week. Due to the sudden deterioration, I was unable to inform the office about my absence. With the sudden decline in my health and everyday worsening flu, I was unable to foresee any chances of getting into a normal working routine before more than a week. I wrote an email to the ESM of the company, but unfortunately, the email crashed into the spam folder, and I could not deliver my message.

Given that, I am writing to you to please notify the relevant departments to approve my emergency paid sick leave (EPSL) for one week from [DATE] to [DATE]. I am looking forward to your kind remarks on this. Please respond to me with immediate approval otherwise my name will be put into the yellow workers’ zone, and I will lose my incentives for the month of [MONTH]. Please respond to me at [EMAIL]. Thank you.


Excuse letter of absence due to vaccination

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