Professional Conduct Expectation Violation Notice

Re. Notice for Conduct Violation and Unprofessionalism

Dear [Employee’s Name], this is utterly disappointing to know about your unprofessional conduct in the office. You have been working in this office for [x] years and according to my perspective, an employee who has spent many years in an organization should know the organization’s registered policies and unregistered expectations as well. Our organization takes administrative problems and issues related to the code of conduct very seriously.

An organization is known for its strong management and efficient and professional team. We carry a strong and extensive clientage all over the state of the [mention the name of the state], however, the recent incident of unprofessional demonstration has made us concerned for the organization’s reputation. We are committed to providing a positive and conducive environment to all the employees in the office to enhance their productivity and concentration at work.

To let you know, I have attached a copy of our registered policies for the professional code of conduct and hence, I expect you to comply with those policies and rules mentioned in the document. I have attached them for you to give a revised read to the policies and demonstrate them in your behavior.

In case of further non-compliance with the office conduct policies and rules, I am afraid that you may have to face disciplinary actions for noncompliance with the company’s policy. I expect you to behave professionally and bring noticeable improvements in your conduct. This shall enhance your professional outlook and express your commitment to the office by-laws and rules.

If you have any questions or explanations, reach out to me directly in my office during working hours. Thank you in advance for understanding.


[Employer’s Name]
[Official Designation]

Professional Conduct Expectation Violation Notice

(Sample #2)

Subject: Professional Conduct/Behavior Expectations Violation Letter

Dear [Employee’s Name],

This letter is written to notify your unprofessional code of conduct in the office which is a grave concern for the office’s administration. We have been working hard for the positive outlook of our office, and the safety and well-being of our employees, and promise and assure them of a professional, friendly, and efficient environment where they can work, grow, and explore opportunities to thrive in their future efficiently.

Bad and unprofessional conduct impacts the entire office and all of the employees by creating an irritant and negative air of discomfort. Therefore, we do our best to create a healthy and conducive environment. To cater to and sustain a professional and healthy environment in the office, we have drafted our policies and rules for the code of conduct of the employee. Every employee of this organization, senior or junior, experienced or fresh, old or new, has to stay committed to these rules and demonstrate compliance in their behavior.

The management does not tolerate events like your recent dispute with your colleagues that shows extremely unprofessional conduct on your part. To make it the last dispute in the office, we have put certain disciplinary actions against you for not fulfilling the professional conduct expectations and violating the conduct policy.

If you have any statement to justify the behavior, you can contact the senior HR Officer of the company who will guide you further to adopt proper channels to explain your stance and escape the disciplinary action and charges against you.

We wish you good luck and expect you to behave professionally in the future. It will not only make your professional image better but also make your profile for future endeavors. Thank you.


[Your Name]
[Your Title]

[Company’s Name]

Professional Conduct Expectation Violation Notice

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