Notice of Concern Regarding Conduct

Re. Code of Conduct Concern Notice

Dear Ifra, this letter has been written on behalf of the General Manager of the organization who shows his deep concern for your bad conduct that has been reported to him several times. Our organization takes matters related to the code of conduct and personal demeanor very seriously, therefore, I request you to take this letter seriously and do the needful.

It has been told that your conduct is deteriorating every day and does not comply with the needed professionalism and the company’s policies and rules. We try our best and appreciate fostering a positive work environment and a friendly yet professional attitude. We understand that a workplace is not only a place where an employee can come to work and earn money, for us, a workplace should teach you professionalism and play a positive role in your personal and professional growth.

Recently, we have launched a program that includes a monthly employee report in which we ask heads of the departments and supervisors to closely observe the employees’ conduct and submit a monthly report to the general manager. We believe that positive conduct and nice behavior help in building a productive and collaborative environment which is key to success.

If you have any problems with the workplace environment, or if you can justify your behavior, you are welcome to explain and clarify in the office of the HR Manager on the 3rd floor. You can also write to me directly to explain at [mention email address].

We expect an immediate response and improvement in your behavior. We hope you will understand otherwise, concerned authorities can take disciplinary actions against you that can cause inconvenience for you.

Thank you!


Notice of Concern Regarding Conduct

(Sample #2)

Re. Concern for Conduct Notice Letter

Dear [Employee Name],

This letter has been penned down for concerns over your conduct which are reported to be poor and not up to the mark of the required attitude at the workplace. We have a set of rules and regulations that deal with the required professional conduct at the office.

Our company stresses much emphasis on the professional attitude as an attitude decides your future and work capabilities. Our organization is committed to creating a positive and productive work environment that can enhance and polish your skills and provide you with the opportunity to grow and nourish. We want our employees to excel in their communication skills and professional demeanor.

Although much emphasis has been given to the right conduct, we are still concerned about your conduct. According to the previous month’s employment report, your supervisor realizes that you need an appropriate and professional mindset to work and training on professionalism needs to be given.

However, limited sources of the company do not allow us to launch training programs for the correction of attitude and conduct. We believe you can work on yourself if you realize where the loophole is located. We are ready to help you in this regard and want you to work hard on your conduct.

Your improvement will yield in the projects and office tasks and will definitely impact your other aspects of life as well. Please discuss the matter with the HR Assistant who will guide you further.

We expect a good deal of improvement in your behavior. We believe you will not disappoint us and do everything to correct your behavior.

Thank you!


Notice of Concern Regarding Conduct

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