Contact Log Template

contact log template

PERSONAL & OFFICIAL CONTACTS All your contact interactions can be recorded in a contact log. It can be used for brief information or detailed records. In the case of latter, a record of your emails, official letters or phone conversations can be maintained. Therefore, you can choose the number of rows and columns accordingly. On the other hand, pre-made contact log templates can also be used. The internet offers a number of options. You can find the right template which is perfectly suitable for your needs. Certain changes can also…

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Car Maintenance Log

car maintenance log

AUTO REPAIR & EXCEL SHEETS Auto repair workshops need car maintenance logs for all their clients. This is an important record which helps in tracking past vehicle servicing. Important entries in the log include the date of the last oil change, battery replacement, air filter replacement and so on. This helps in calculating the total servicing charges and making the final bill. In addition, it is also important for fixing an appointment for the next servicing. Every car owner should keep a copy of their vehicle maintenance log with them. It is…

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Activity Log Template

activity log template

ACTIVITIES & LOGS An activity log is a comprehensive record of one’s personal, professional or official activities. One can tabulate all activities at one place to figure out the importance of different tasks at different times. The activity log can also record computer events in a sequential order. Such records can play an important role in catching misuse of computers in offices and public places. Often, they can also be used to track cyber crimes. A professional activity log can be for formal official purposes. Likewise, it is also available on certain…

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Daily Workout Log

daily workout log

DAILY WORKOUT SCHEDULES A daily workout log is important for proper physical training. It is often used by professional athletes. Beginners can also maintain a record for their daily exercise routine. It is particularly important for busy individuals. The log can help such people make a proper exercise schedule. It is also recommended to individuals suffering from obesity. People with other medical conditions can also maintain this record if they need to exercise on a daily basis for health reasons. Different types of daily workout log templates can be found…

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Call Log Template

call log template

OFFICIAL CALL RECORDS Maintaining a call log is very important for call centers. It is also used by several other organizations such as offices and business places. An organization can develop its own format for maintaining call records. In addition, call log templates can also be used. The internet provides a plethora of such templates. Columns are present for different types of information. You can record details about the caller, phone number, date and time as well as the duration of the call. Likewise, a call record can also contain…

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Parent Teacher Communication Log

parent teacher communication log

PARENT TEACHER COMMUNICATION A parent-teacher communication log is an important document at various education institutes. It is maintained for each student. The log helps in keeping a track of communication between parents and the institute’s administration or faculty. TEMPLATE Parent teacher communication log templates are available for free on the internet. These can help you with ideas about the format and layout of your these logs. A template can be printed out as it is. It can also be customized. Alternatively, it can also be carried out as an activity…

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Visitors Log Template

visitors log template

VISITORS RECORD SHEET A visitor log plays an important role in various organizations. It is widely used in the hotel industry. Similarly, it is also an important document for various other companies. It records information about any outsider visiting an office. A visitor’s name, his / her contact details, and purpose of the visit are recorded in the log. Visitors can be contacted later on by using the information stored in the log. On the other hand, it can also be useful for security reasons. The visitor log can be…

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Employee Training Tracker

employee training tracker

TRAINING REGISTERS When a person thinks to train his employees he can train the people through several ways. But it is difficult to keep track of how much your employees have been trained when there are lots of employees. This template ensures that every part of the job has been learned by the employee and now they have become capable enough to perform any task of the company. You can download the tracker from the internet in few seconds and it is ready to use. You can save the template…

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Wedding Budget Planning Sheet

wedding budget planning sheet

BUDGET PLANNING & EXCEL SHEETS Planning of wedding is a multi-part process with many complexities. The arrangement of the wedding could become a stupendous task for the family as it sips a lot of energy and devotion from the concerned members. Along with many issues occupying the weddings, the issue of wedding budget is one of the major issues. The problem of budget handling can be sorted out by the formation of an appropriate wedding budget planner template. Although the idea might seem to have complex connotations to you, but…

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Quarterly Budget Analysis Sheet

Quarterly budget analysis sheet

BUDGET ANALYSIS SHEETS Sometimes, it is only a quarter of the month and you get the feeling that there is a need to check on to your budget. This urge is based on your analysis as well as on the temptation to look into the implementation of the budget plan by your family or institution. For this purpose, there is no better way than to form a quarterly budget analysis sheet to analyze the expenses during the quarter half of the budget. The analysis sheet is important because it would have…

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Personal Monthly Budget Sheet

personal monthly budget sheet

MONTHLY BUDGET SHEETS Individuals often mess up with their personal budgets. At instances, they spend money on trivial activities because of their unawareness to budget limits. Consequently, they run short of money well before the end of the month. Embarrassed, they look to borrow money to fill the expenditures during the latter half of the month. In today’s day and age, the phenomenon is common among students as well as employed individuals. Further, Individual bearing the burden of the family tends to mess up all the family budgets only to…

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18 Period Budget Template

18 period budget template

BUDGET TEMPLATES If you want to keep in touch with your budget expenses for the longer duration such as 18 months period, you could use the budget template to help yourself to prepare the long-term budget sheet. You will be able to monitor your budget expenses better than ever through the 18 months budget template. This budget sheet template would appropriately fulfill the purpose of keeping track of your income and budget expenditures during the course of time. The formation of this 18-period budget template is extremely easy. You could…

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Business Start Up Budget Sheet

business startup budget template

START UP BUDGETS Business start-up is not the easiest task known in the world. Understandably, you are bogged down by all sorts of issues expanding from formation of structure to management of the new business. These structural and management problems play an important role in the start of business but these problems could be overcome with the passage of time. The budget formation is one aspect of the new business which must be carefully estimated to start any kind of new project or business. Obviously, you won’t be able to…

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Expense Budget Sheet

expense budget sheet

BUDGET SHEETS We need to spend in order to keep our going smooth and uninterrupted. The day we stop spending on our basic whims and necessities we start to face problems about our existence. Therefore, the expenses are the imperative part of the life which must be considered with seriousness while moving through the phases of life. Despite the fact that some of the expenses are necessary we must keep in the mind that there is always a room for better management of our expenses. These expenses could be better…

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Family Budget Sheet

family budget sheet template

BUDGET SHEETS & TEMPLATES The budget is the most important cog in the wheel of any family. Families who don’t take care of their expenses tend to struggle in the long run. Therefore, it is imperative to set a comprehensive budget to form an ideal family. As we all know that the most of the things in the lives of the common middle class depends on the management of budget; therefore, if the budget is badly managed, the whole discipline of the family would be disturbed. Thus, you will be…

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