Termination Letter to Lease Agreement by Landlord

Re. Termination of the Lease Agreement

Dear Mr. [NAME], I am writing to inform you that I plan to terminate our lease agreement that was signed on [DATE]. On the mentioned date, we both entered a contract of lease for residence in my house at [MENTION THE COMPLETE ADDRESS] on the first floor. Due to certain reasons, I no longer plan to extend the agreement and cancel the rental/lease agreement. I have mentioned the reasons in the letter to stipulate my termination letter. Please read the letter carefully and do the needful.

[NAME], I was informed that you are single, and you do not get many visitors usually whereas it proved to be wrong as I see a lot of relatives and friends visiting you every day. Moreover, as you live on the first floor, it is disruptive for me and my family to bear the noise on the ground floor. Another reason for terminating the agreement, it was clearly stated in the agreement that you will not keep pet dogs as my wife is allergic to dogs. Due to your non-compliance with the agreement, my wife is suffering from a pet allergy and visits the doctor occasionally.

On breaking the rules mentioned in the contract, I am in complete authority to terminate the lease agreement at any time I want. Thus, I inform you that the lease agreement has been terminated. You are required to evacuate the house in two weeks. Your advance payment shall be returned on complete evacuation. I am sorry to make this decision abruptly, but I am short of options. Thank you.



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Re. Terminating the Lease Agreement Due to Non-Compliance, Deep Maintenance, and Due Payments

Dear Mr. [NAME],

I regret to inform you that I have terminated the lease agreement which was signed between us on [DATE]. Four months ago, we entered into this contract of the lease agreement in which you agreed with all the mentioned points and signed the contract. I am sorry to tell you that the letter has been sent after multiple warnings of termination that was never taken into consideration by you. For more than a month, you have been disregarding the contract by not complying with the rules mentioned in the contract.

Moreover, you have been involved in illegal activities recently, and have not paid the dues on time. Owing to these circumstances, I am bound to the contract stipulations and thus, terminate the lease agreement immediately.

I regret to tell you that I am giving you one week to shift from the place, otherwise, I shall take legal action against you by filing a complaint to the local magistrate’s office. Furthermore, I request you reset the place to its default. Any damage to the building shall be deducted from the advance payments you have made. Moreover, in case of not pay the outstanding dues, your advance return shall be confiscated.

Please evacuate the place before [DATE]. I shall be glad to do any assistance regarding paperwork and matters of formal documentation. You can call me at [PHONE] if you have any queries.



Termination Letter to Lease Agreement by Landlord

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