Request Letter for Price List

We saw your advertisement in (newspaper name, a magazine title, or any other source from where you got to know about the products). We are glad to write that we are very much interested in your products.

As you have mentioned in your advertisement that your products are cruelty-free, we feel your brand you get more recognition for this reason. In addition to that, you stated that your products come in sustainable packaging which is indeed a great and much-needed initiative. We really appreciate that and looking forward to learning more about your products.

However, we are not sure about the prices of your products as they were not mentioned in the advertisement. You will do us a great favor if you write us back and inform us about the prices of your products. As we are interested in a long-term partnership so we would be buying your products in bulk. For that reason we want you to let us know about the wholesale rate of your products.

We hope this partnership will mutually benefit us. Through our platform, your products will definitely get a lot of recognition and they will be able to reach a larger audience.

We will start the work as soon as you will let us know the exact rates.

Kind regards.

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Subject: Request for Price List for [XYZ]

On (date and day) we saw your advertisement on (TV channel name or wherever you saw the ad). Our team was quite surprised how come we did not know about such an incredible local brand that is producing high-end products with such limited resources? We are glad to find your brand and it will be an honor for us to make your products available to a larger number of audiences. We are interested in your products and excited to know more about them.

Though the ad described your products quite in detail, it didn’t mention prices. As we want to buy your products and are interested in promoting them through our platform so we want to know the prices of your products.

If things worked out, we would like to take this partnership longer. For that, we may buy your products in bulk. It would be convenient for both of us if you provide us with the wholesale product price addition to that, feel free to let us know your terms and conditions. Also, don’t hesitate to ask for any detail about our company, if needed.

We will be happy to assist you in this matter. We assure you that everything will go very smoothly from our side and we expect the same from you.

We hope in this way we would be able to take benefits from this partnership mutually. We are looking forward to your response.

Thank you.

Request letter for price list

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