Toothache Excuse Letter for Work

There may come innumerable circumstances when an individual is required to take leave from the workplace. The reason may either be personal or work-related but whatever the situation is you as an employee are obliged to inform your employer that you require to take leave from work. It is very important to quote a reason behind your leave in a way that not only satisfies the reader but also provokes him to grant you leave based on the reasons given.

Here it must be made clear that you as an employee are asking for leave from work so your tone should be polite enough to ask for a leave. You should make the best use of words and state your problem and then ask for a leave. It is not important to give a detailed note of the reason behind the leave, what important is stating the reason by sticking to the main point and avoiding unnecessary conversations.

You should keep in mind that your employer is a busy person, and he is not free enough to read all the way long excuses given by you. Focus on the reasoning and ask for a leave.

At times it happens when you need to persistently seek leave due to an ongoing problem in your life which is obviously very much clear to your boss as it has been a reason in the past as well. If this is the case, then you just need to give reference with respect to your previous leaves, stating the same reasons as done before and then asking for leave.

But if the problem is something new and does not have any relevance to the past then you need to mention the reason in an appropriate manner. A short and precise letter will surely help in asking for leave from work.

It is important to state here that the number of days for which you desire to get off from work should not exceed the mentioned days in the letter. If by any chance, you feel you need to increase your leaves then you need to inform your boss prior to extending your leave.

Sample letter

Mr. Green
Head of department,
Human resource.

Mr. James,
Human resource.

Dated: 19th January, 20XX

Respected sir,

This is to bring to your attention that I will not be able to come to work tomorrow dated [DATE]. You are aware that I have been visiting the dentist for the past few months to get my teeth treatment.

Today I went to the dentist as part of my regular visit but came back with a severe toothache due to which I will not be able to come to work tomorrow. I am taking medicines prescribed by the doctor and I hope that I will be better by tomorrow. I request you to please grant me a day off from work for tomorrow. I will be thankful to you. I will surely come to office dated [DATE]. Thanking you in advance.

Yours sincerely.

Mr. James
Human resource.

Toothache Excuse Letter for Work

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