Upcoming Meeting Announcement Letter


Hope you have been enjoying your holidays well. This letter has been written to you regarding the announcement of our upcoming meeting after the holidays. The company had scheduled a meeting on 22nd December but due to some technical reasons and Christmas, it was postponed. So, HR decided to keep it after the holidays.

First, you will also be notified through a written document and no changes in its date will be made now. Secondly, we are much obliged to you for providing us continuous assistance and new ideas to pave the company’s way to success. This meeting is scheduled regarding the deal of ABC Company with XYZ Company which will be in great favor for both of us and you all will be benefitted through it also. This meeting will also be beneficial in providing productive and fruitful ways to our company.

The meeting will be held on the 2nd Floor of Eden building Valley Streams, New York. ABC Company is already so much obliged to all its employees to remain available in each difficult situation and hopes that you will do the same in future too. In case of any queries or questions you can ask freely regarding the meeting, I will respond to you all. Waiting to see you all after the holidays! Thank you.



Upcoming Meeting Announcement Letter


Dear Mr. Stalin,

Hello, Mr. Stalin I hope you have been having the best of your times. Thank you in advance for finding time to read this letter. The penning down for my writing this letter is to let you know about the upcoming meeting that was scheduled on 15th March but due to lockdown and Covid-19, we did not find a time to rearrange it. As you know that all kinds of governmental and non-governmental organizations were closed for a certain period.

It was a great experience to work with you that reached the company to the skies. Now I am looking forward to the same expectations and zeal from you and from the collaboration of both of us we will start our new business that will pave the way for more success and opportunities.

I have notified my senior employees regarding the meeting schedule and they all are very excited to attend it. I have handed over the project details and have provided some of our new business highlights to Miss Lucy and she will make a presentation on it where all the benefits and disadvantages of the business would be discussed.

As you know that due to the December holidays all kinds of indoor and outdoor activities are closed so we will have a meeting in New Year on 25th January 20XX. I hope that this meeting will prove beneficial to us in all ways. Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting!

The meeting will be arranged in meeting hall of the company at 9:00 am. Thank you.


Edward Mark

Upcoming Meeting Announcement Letter

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