Valentine Day Card Messages


My darling, it’s hard to believe we’re not in heaven whenever I’m holding you in my arms.


I don’t know what good I did, that life handed such a precious thing to me. I want you to know that you’re the best thing that ever happened and probably will happen to me!


They say life is not a bed of roses but it surely isn’t a bed of thorns either when you are around through my thick and thin.


The whole universe stops in our awe when we walk together, hands in hands.


You say you’re a mess and I say yes, and a hot one!


What did you ask me? How much do I love you? Okay, take all the love existing in this world, multiply it with infinity, and now pour in all the warmth and affection. You have only a glimpse of my love for you!


I was, I am, and I will always be only yours my darling!


I would like to pay my gratitude to you for showing me what true love looks like. I have found my home within you.


The best part about having you are, no matter how dark it gets in my world, you always show me the light like a firefly in the dark!


My love for you is like candlelight. It will warm you, show you the light, and keep you safe from the darkness prevailing outside.


Hugging you makes me feel safe and kissing you melts my whole world.


I could not have asked for a better spouse than you! Thank you for being the most important part of my life. I love you, darling!


I’m super excited to share our first Valentine’s Day together and I pray that may we have many more!


Let’s make a toast to all these years we spent totally drowning in love with each other and to all the forthcoming ones! I would never want this magical feeling to wither away!


Tonight, let me whisper in your ear that you are my only soulmate. I will want to have you for eternity.


Though we are not near together to cuddle, I will still not let this opportunity get wasted to show my love for you. Happy Valentine’s Day my love. I wish you were here to spoil me with your love today!


Do you want to know what true love is? It’s how you make me laugh crazily with your amazing wit!


Who needs a Gal Date when you can have a Val Date with such a hot person! Love you honey and happy Valentine’s Day!


There has not been a single moment in this beautiful relationship of 5-years with you that I have regretted marrying you and I believe there will never be because you are so perfect my love!


The way you look at me, your brave nature, and your compassion are the reasons you are and always will be my Valentine. Happy Valentine’s Day Darling!

Valentine day card messages
Valentine day card messages

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