Warning Letter for Damaging Company Property

Warning letters are meant to alert the addressee that the addresser is no more going to tolerate his/her actions and continuation of the same could lead to serious action being taken against the addressee.

A warning letter is intended to warn the addressee of the letter to make him stop his actions which have actually disrupted or harmed the organization’s working environment. It is to be kept in mind that warning letter is not considered the very first step towards resentment of a prevailing issue. They are rather the second step taken after a verbal warning is given and has reportedly gone unheard.

It is not necessary that termination is the only way out when dealing with a problem. Organizations after much consideration move forward towards taking this step. An employee is an asset to the organization and it is for this reason that organizations take required measures before taking extreme decisions.

A warning letter highlights the inappropriate behavior or action carried out by an individual which has hurt the organization’s code of conduct. It starts by stating the action displayed by the individual and moves further by giving acute details of it. In the second paragraph, the individual is appreciated for his hard work and is encouraged to work in a positive way. In the third paragraph, the individual is warned of discontinuing his/her behavior else serious action can be taken against him/her. The letter should end on a positive note. Here it is to be kept in mind that warning letters should not be written in a harsh tone.

Sample letter

Mr. James
Mega mind international.

Mr. George
Mega mind International.

Dated: 22nd July, 20XX

Subject: Warning letter for damaging [X] property

Dear George,

You had taken the companies car and had met an accident the second time. Upon intriguing further into the matter we came to know that it was due to over speeding as it was the case earlier. We had warned you verbally of that but it seems that you had not taken it seriously. George, we have always helped our employees in every possible manner and you know that. You had used the company’s car for your personal needs twice and both the times you had caused serious damage to the car. George, this will not be tolerated any further.

You have been a diligent employee of the company. Your hard work is clearly visible through your work. We certainly do not wish to lose you. As a responsible employee, we do not expect such behavior from you.

Through this letter, we intend to warn you to be careful the next time you use the company’s car. If the same happens again, it will not be tolerated at any cost. We hope that things will move in a positive manner.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. James
Mega Mind International.

Warning Letter for Damaging Company Property
Warning Letter for Damaging Company Property

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