Request Letter for Change in Shift Schedule due to Family Emergency

Employees are divided into different shifts so as to effectively manage tasks. These shifts are managed by the organization by drafting out different time zones to work in. In each time zone, a particular number of employees are called for work. In this way, the workload is also divided as a significant number of employees are working at one time and the other at another time. Shifts timings can be changed by management at any time. Not only management, but a particular employee may feel uneasy to work in a shift he/she has been given.

Any employee who wants to make a shift change has to do so by filling in a request for shift change. This request is made in writing by the employee to the employer or HR of the company. The reason behind the shift change may be personal or work-related but it should be written in a professional way.

The employee should enclose with the request letter his/her recent work evaluation, and personal achievement or awards. Most importantly it should also have enclosed letters of support which will prove beneficial for the employee filing the request. Moreover, if the request is being made for medical purposes, medical documents should be attached therein.

If in any case, the employee is a part of any ongoing project of the company, he/she should come up with an alternative so as to create no hindrance in the completion of the task or state in clear that he/she will complete it in due time.

When filling in the request, the first paragraph should clearly state the reason as well as the date from which the employee needs to have a shift change.

In the second paragraph, the employee should mention his/her working period tenure with the company and a strong recommendation to support his/her request. It should also enlist any personal achievements of the employee while remaining in the office.

The letter should be written in a positive tone. Any other employee’s name should not be mentioned as a reason for the shift change thereby criticizing him/her. The employer should get a feeling that your demand for shift change will not hinder the business activities rather it would serve in the best interest of the organization.

The letter should start by mentioning the employee’s name, address, and designation in the topmost left corner. Followed by the employer’s name, designation, and address below.

Sample letter

Mr. Greg Smith
Manager Accounts
ABC international

Mr. Jeffery
ABC International

Dear Mr. Jeffery,

It is to bring into your kind attention that my mother is terribly ill. She has been admitted to the hospital. My sister is currently staying with me. In the daytime, she manages to look after our mother but at night it becomes difficult for her as she must look after my daughter. I am currently working with a shift time from 3 pm-10 pm which I am afraid I will not be able to continue. Sir, I will be better able to work in the morning shift so that I may be able to look after my mother as well.

I have been working in the company for the past seven years. I have recently been granted a promotion with an increase in salary due to my work. Moreover, I had made our previous project a success for the company. My timings if changed will not cause any problem and that I assure you. I will work in my full capacity.

Enclosed are my mother’s medical documents for your reference. If you need any other detail, I will provide you at my earliest possible.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Greg Smith
Manager Accounts
ABC International


Request Letter for Change in Shift Schedule due to Family Emergency

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