Warning Letters for Disobeying Orders

Letter -1

Your manager has complained to us several times about your ill manners. We have serious concerns regarding the violation of rules and disobedience of orders given to you by your manager or seniors. Every time you were given a verbal warning but you failed to civilize yourself. Now, this letter must be treated as an official written warning against your bad conduct of disobedience. We never anticipated warning you like this but your yesterday’s event of insubordination forced us to send you this letter.

This company has strict rules regarding discipline and any kind of insubordination is prohibited here. While you are part of this company, you will be supposed to adhere to the company’s disciplinary policies and obey your seniors by all means. We give supreme importance to our employees. We consider them as our real strength and always try to establish strong relations with them. You have been working with us for the last five years and breaching of rules was not being expected from you. Your act of disobedience has not only surprised us but also left us in a state of shock.

Dear Johnson, you have been a talented and hardworking employee of this company since the very first day of your joining. We want you to understand the importance of orders given by your manager or seniors. Your attitude is extremely harmful in terms of disturbing the peaceful and calm working environment of the office. You are hereby warned to refrain from such kind of behavior because this kind of attitude will not be tolerated anymore.

The employees like you are usually terminated without giving any prior notice. But, keeping in view your previous service record, we are serving you with a warning letter only. However, we expect that you will show a positive change in your behavior as early as possible.

Thank you very much.


Letter -2

For the past few months, we have been persistently receiving complaints regarding your disobedience. The last complaint made by your supervisor must lead us to issue this warning letter in your name.

You have been a valuable resource to our company. The standard rules apply equally to all. Violation of rules is something that cannot be tolerated. You have continuously violated the rules by disobeying orders given to you by your supervisor.

In this letter, we intend to inform you that from now on no more disobedience will be tolerated and for that, you won’t be given any verbal or written warning. Strict action will be taken in the future.

We hope that you will carefully examine your behavior and work on the right track as this will prove to be beneficial for you.

Warning letter for disobeying orders

Letter -3

We are issuing you this letter with respect to your disobeying your supervisor’s order for planning for today’s board meeting. You have not only disobeyed him but also demonstrated an element of disrespect by shouting at him.

Your disobedience accompanied by misconduct has led us to warn you against such attitudes in the future.

We intend to see a positive change in you from now on.

Warning letter for disobeying orders

Letter -4

This letter is with reference to the previous verbal warning given to you by your supervisor. There have been a series of events where you have demonstrated disobedience of orders given to you. But we are afraid to inform you that yesterday’s incident marked the final call.

You have been associated with a responsible position where we expect you to be careful with respect to the job tasks given to you.

You’ve been a talented employee throughout these years. Together we have enjoined working in a healthy environment. But now your severe disobedience is harming the surrounding environment of the office and this will not be tolerated.

With this letter, we intend to give you a final warning about changing your attitude toward work. We hope to see a positive change in you in the future.

Warning letter for disobeying orders

Letter -5

Earlier your supervisor brought it to our attention that you are not following the given instructions properly. You have been a diligent employee of the company whose hard work has always been appreciated. You have a wonderful gift of skill and talent. But following the due instructions is very important.

These instructions have been designed to enrich your growth and development. Following the instructions helps you achieve your desired goal. By not following the instructions you are disrupting the working environment of the company.

Prior to this, we have also given you a verbal warning but as we have not seen the desired results, so we have intended to warn you. We hope to see a positive change in you.

Warning letter for not following orders

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