Warning Letter for being Talkative at Work

Decor, discipline, and working environment are majorly the most important key factors that make up an organization. These key factors not only affect the efficiency but also the harmony which has been already established. If disturbed by any reason the output, in turn, is affected badly.

People are not the same everywhere you go. Some are hard to manage while others require a little push-up to get started. In offices, many different personalities are working together towards achieving a specific goal. At places, the employer is not good while others have difficult employees to work with. Many a time problems arise between the employee and the employer, managing these differences is of much importance.

Problems, like being too much absent at work or being lazy, or even rude to others, are issues that are often tackled. These problems affect the working environment of any organization. Amongst these is an issue of an employee being talkative. This issue not only affects the employee’s performance himself but also others’ performance as well.

Being very rude at the first sight is not sensible enough. You need to talk to the employee. The best way to communicate to the employee about his current behavior is through a warning letter.

Warning letters are issued to employees when their behavior or any other action not only affects their performance but also the overall output produced. For Instance, an employee is being too much talkative at the workplace creates problems. He is not alone; he involves others in it by his talking. The supervisor is constantly observing him/her and maybe waiting that s/he may stop. But when it does not, a warning letter by the supervisor or the manager is verily issued in the name of the employee.

In the letter, the supervisor addresses the employee of his talkative nature. He moves forward by referencing events that have progressed towards his/her talkative nature. It is told to the employee that his talkativeness not only disrupts him from working but also others working with him. Which in turn leads to lesser output. Your unnecessary talk is not acceptable here. It is an office where you come to work and not talk.

Not verbally, but in writing the employee is warned of refraining from his habit thus abiding by the company rules and regulations as this is not acceptable behavior. This letter becomes a part of the employee’s file which can be possibly reviewed when considering for promotions.

If the employee does not restrain himself from this behavior, then strict action can be taken.

Sample Letter

Subject: Warning Letter for being Talkative at Work

Dear Johnson,

This official warning letter is being sent to you for not following the company rules as outlined in the employee handbook. Your manager complained to us several times about your nonprofessional behavior at the workplace. We have observed that you have not changed your habit of unnecessary talking with your colleagues despite receiving a lot of verbal warnings from us. We have brought several times to your notice that being talkative at the workplace is strictly prohibited in our company. You must understand that this kind of unprofessional working behavior is not tolerated and is inappreciable.

We have designed our company’s policy after considering a lot of factors. We aim to make its working environment well-disciplined in all respect. Therefore, we want every employee to follow the rules and regulations of the company in letter and spirit. Being talkative at the workplace indicates that instead of working, you are wasting your time discussing useless matters. Such kind of unprofessionalism is harmful to the staff and it impacts badly on the company’s productivity.

Since you have already been counseled by your manager multiple times, management has decided to put you on an observation period of three months. Your behavior and performance will be observed by us during this period. If you do not stop yourself from unnecessary talking, we will be compelled to take strict disciplinary action will be imposed against you. In that case, you may face suspension without pay for an indefinite period. Therefore, you must take it as a final opportunity to shape your behavior and make it professional.

Having said this, we still believe in your capabilities and expect that you will show immediate improvement in your attitude. We hope at the same time that you will soon prove yourself a valuable asset to the company. We look forward to seeing an improvement from your side.

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Warning Letter for being Talkative at Work

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