Writing Employee to Return Company Laptop

I am Johnson, Assistant manager, Stars Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. and this letter is being written on behalf of company management. The annual audit report has revealed that one laptop was missing, and this is the same laptop that you borrowed from the company. It means that you are in unlawful possession of the company’s laptop and your negligence has created great problems for the company.

You gave resigned on [date]. After your resignation, it was your duty to return all the company belongings including your laptop. Under clause 3 of company rules, it is obligatory for all the employees who resign for any reason, to return the company property within 20 days of their resignation. Now, 30 days have passed, and you have failed to comply with the existing policy which indicates your negligence.

As per existing rules, the laptop is the exclusive property of the company. You do not have any right to keep it under your control after your resignation. Except for some cases where the company has gifted it to its employees in recognition of their services, it is meant to be returned immediately after an employee gives his resignation.

Since it was not presented to you as a gift, you were supposed to return it within the stipulated period. Being a senior employee of the company, you must have developed a clear understanding of the rules and gone through the official procedure. Unfortunately, you failed to do so which is highly condemnable.

That laptop is containing secret data about the company, and you are required to return it immediately. The deadline for this purpose is the 15th of October. If you fail to return the laptop, the company reserves the right to start legal proceedings against you. Apart from it, your final check will also be stopped.

You are advised to follow the directions as soon as possible. I hope you understand the situation and avoid legal proceedings. It will be beneficial for both of us. You can contact the admin office in case of any queries.

A positive and Swift response from your side is awaited.


Subject: Unlawful possession of company laptop

Dear Anna,

I am writing to inform you officially that you borrowed a Dell laptop from the company in 202X. You are in its possession even after passing 30 days of your resignation. It must be noted that this kind of possession is considered illegal. We accepted your resignation on [date]. Immediately after your resignation, you have lost your right to enjoy all the facilities provided by the company.

We suggest you refer to rule 5 of the company property possession policy. According to that rule, it becomes obligatory for an employee to return all the company belongings within 15 days after his resignation or retirement. If this condition is not met, the company will have the option to start legal action against that employee.

It must be noted that you will follow the prescribed official procedure while returning it to the HR office. A representative of the company will check whether all parts of the laptop are genuine or not. If any repair is needed, you will be responsible to pay the amount.

Remember, if the laptop is not returned within the deadline, your final payout will be stopped then. Alternatively, the company also reserves the right to involve you in legal proceedings. Further delay is harmful to you. I hope you will follow the instructions and save the time that is spent on legal proceedings.

In case of any query, feel free to contact with HR office during office timings.

Letter to Employee to Return Company Laptop

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