Construction Report Letter Samples

I am dispatching herewith our weekly construction report. This week, starting from (date) to (date), my team has been able to make progress with the construction of rooms on the ground floor of the building. The complete job, however, will take further two weeks before we move on to the next floor.

There have been 15 workers on the job with full attendance from each worker all 5 days of the week. The work has progressed smoothly without any issues related to safety. All ISO rules regarding safety and health have been observed throughout the course of the work.

The equipment used for the construction work as well as the raw materials is under the supervision of XYZ for the weekend. There will be no need to renew the raw materials for the coming week.

Please refer to the attached report for further details. I shall be available for any queries at (phone number).


Re. Reporting Construction Completion at [NAME THE BUILDING]

Dear [NAME],

This letter has been written after the compilation and detailed discussion with the site manager, chief engineer, assistant manager to project completion task, and other principal workers. The letter has been written to inform you about the progress and completion of the construction project at [NAME THE SITE]. This letter shall give you detailed yet to-the-point information on the construction project.

The construction of the [NAME THE SITE] is expected to be completed on [DATE] whereas completion of the said project which includes some of the interior works as well, would be possible till [MONTH].

The project of construction was signed between [NAME THE PARTIES] on [MENTION THE DATE]. After the successful bid, the project was initiated on [DATE] with all the mapping and important meetings. Practical construction work started on [DATE] three days after the map approval.

The project has been completed more than 70 percent. The grey structure has been completed and polishing, painting, and strengthening work is undergoing. Due to the shortage of Spanish tiles, construction was halted and slowed down, but it is going at the full pace now.

I am sharing a few images showing the building from a [x degree] angle and [x meter distance].  It will make the construction report clearer. As the construction is expected to be completed by [DATE] and the interior shall take not more than one month, I realize, we do not need to ask for an extension in the deadline from the other party (NAME THE CLIENT].

Please look at the images attached to the letter and let me know your thoughts on the construction. Moreover, I would like it if you took some time out and visit the site. Thank you.

Best Regards



This is the weekly construction report letter for (date) to (date). The building has reached the final phase of construction as we were able to complete the painting job this week. The final touches to the penthouse will be given in the coming week.

The work progressed according to our weekly plan and we were able to achieve all our goals. Your inspection team that visited on Thursday, 23rd June was satisfied with the quality of the work and our progress.

We do not have any leftover raw materials this week. However, the paint for the top floor needs to be replenished. Please find the detailed requirements in the attached report.

You may contact me for any further concerns.

Construction report letter

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