Affidavit Form Templates

Income affidavit form

Affidavit Form An affidavit is actually a statement in which an individual swears or it is a statement that is used for taking oath or taking oath under penalty of perjury. The individuals who make the statements in the form is known as the affiant, when an affidavit form is signatures then a person must affirm that the statement is being made with personal knowledge and it has been made with information and belief. An affidavit form is a written statement of facts that is signed by a deponent. It is signed in front…

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Bill of Sale Templates

Vehicle bill of sale

Bill of Sale The certificate of the transformation or the transfer of the personal property or something personal that is used when something is transferred to any other individuals as security for a debt. Vehicle bill of sale A bill of sale is a proof that shows the date on the vehicle was sold and apart from it, this contains all the necessary information about the buyer. It has all the details of the vehicle and the seller also; the most important thing is that it doesn’t prove ownership, only…

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