Bill of Sale Templates

Bill of Sale

The certificate of the transformation or the transfer of the personal property or something personal that is used when something is transferred to any other individuals as security for a debt.

Vehicle bill of sale

Vehicle bill of saleA bill of sale is a proof that shows the date on the vehicle was sold and apart from it, this contains all the necessary information about the buyer. It has all the details of the vehicle and the seller also; the most important thing is that it doesn’t prove ownership, only the title does that.

Mostly the bill of sale forms include the following things:

  • The type of the vehicle for example motor vehicle, boat, or any other thing
  • Information about the vehicle
  • The name of the seller and the address.
  • The name of the buyer and the address.
  • The price of purchase
  • The signature of the seller along with the date
  • The signature of the buyer


Yacht bill of sale

Yacht bill of saleIf you are selling or purchasing a yacht that it is quite important to know what all the legal steps are, to make sure that you are doing nothing that is against the law. Once you have got a good looking boat and got some potential buyers then you will no doubt generate interest. When it comes to selling your boat, then it is a must to know the steps that will help you to avoid scams. Plenty of information is provided on the internet regarding this.





Electronic Bill of Sale

Electronic bill of saleElectronic bill of sale is just as similar as a bill of sale; it includes all the basic information that is required. It also has all the specific technical information and features that are needed and are relevant to the features of the electronic items. Following things are needed:

  • The details of Seller and the buyer
  • Consideration
  • Basic Specifications about the computer
  • Details about the physical and internal condition of the product
  • Technical Specifications
  • Date of Transaction
  • Signatures Required


Horse Bill of Sale

Horse bill of saleHorse bill of sale is used when you are purchasing a horse, selling, or re-homing a horse. It is used as it is shown below, the details include the right of first refusal, a payment plan, or a delivery agreement and all the important things have been mentioned on it.  If any amendments are made while purchasing or selling, then amendments are also made in the agreement.

The following things mentioned are:

  • Name of horse
  • Age
  • Height
  • Color
  • Registration

It is also mentioned, if the buyer has ridden the horse and is satisfied with its training & behavior. The buyer can take a ride fir testing that if he is satisfied with the horse’s physical health & condition. The following things are also mentioned:

  • Warranties
  • Date of purchase
  • Time
  • Executed at
  • The name of the Buyer
  • The name of the Seller


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