Maternity Leave Application to Principal

Maternity leave application to principal

Sample -1 Re. Maternity Leave from [DATE] to [DATE] Reverend Sir, I am [NAME], working as a [DESIGNATION] since 20XX in this school. I have been teaching [SUBJECT] since 20XX and it yielded in the form of a magnificent performance by the students every year in their final examination. As being worked here for [X] years, I understand that I should not be on leave for a long time as it may disturb the momentum of the studies and impact immensely on the final grading. Referring to our discussion about…

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Letter of Solicitation for Financial Support

Letter of solicitation for financial support

Sample -1 Re. Solicitation for Financial Aid for the Newly Established DABs Library Dear [NAME], this letter has been drafted on the behalf of Mr./Ms. [NAME], the [DESIGNATION] of the [ORGANIZATION]. The letter has been written for the solicitation for financial support. The letter is to ask for the funds for the project that has been recently established by the [ORGANIZATION] of the differently able persons (DABs). The [ORGZANIZATION] has initiated a project in which we are going to establish a special library for the differently able persons. The purpose…

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Halloween Party Invitation Letter Samples

Halloween party invitation letter template

Subject: Halloween Party Invitation at [X] Dear All, the most interesting time of year is just a week ahead and I have decided to celebrate it in the scariest way. A big Halloween party has been planned and arranged by me and I am looking forward to celebrating it with you and other guys. You are expected to make sure your presence at my place to scare others and be scared in response. To double the element of fright of this night, I want all of us to do something…

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Letter of Intent to Blacklist a Supplier

Letter of intent to blacklist a supplier

1- Re. Planning to Blacklist the [SUPPLIER] from Supply and Delivery Section Dear Sir/Madam, this letter has been written regarding the poor performance of the [SUPPLIER] and in the wake of this, we plan to blacklist them as our supplier. We want to notify it on the website and other social media platforms of us to contemplate the blacklisting of the supplier(s) with poor performance, defraud, and negligent demeanor. Being [DESIGNATION], this is my primary responsibility to keep an eye on the supply and delivery of the products. As supply…

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