Letter of Intent to Blacklist a Supplier


Re. Planning to Blacklist the [SUPPLIER] from Supply and Delivery Section

Dear Sir/Madam, this letter has been written regarding the poor performance of the [SUPPLIER] and in the wake of this, we plan to blacklist them as our supplier. We want to notify it on the website and other social media platforms of us to contemplate the blacklisting of the supplier(s) with poor performance, defraud, and negligent demeanor.

Being [DESIGNATION], this is my primary responsibility to keep an eye on the supply and delivery of the products. As supply and delivery are one of the most important tasks to be performed, I believe in complete transparency and product care in this regard. In any business involving supply and delivery, it is quintessential for the stakeholders to involve in professional and productive engagements to yield better outcomes and growth.

A supplier has to be efficient and professional towards the buying organization otherwise the partnership cannot be taken for long effectively. Poor performance and misaligned business practices as risking the profit reduction are intolerant parts of the supplying agency.

According to the Supplier Information Portal of the company, it has been revealed that there is [X] percent of the reduction in the efficacy level of product quality. It includes the use of no product protocol, as each product demands a different protocol. Another problem is the use of ineffective strategies and tools by the supplying agency which results in the delivery of the products later than the fixed times and with a lot of damage.

Therefore, it is not favorable for the [COMPANY] to continue working with the [SUPPLIER] on the account of performance, professional conduct, and profit reduction. Hence, the summary is to express the lack of trust in the [SUPPLIER] as a competent organ of the company. It is to indicate that the continuance of work with the said supplier can cause trouble and damage to the company in the future.

Therefore, it is plausible to blacklist the [SUPPLIER] for future projects. For more discussion on the matter, I would be glad to meet you in person at your convenience. You can write to me at [EMAIL] or dial [PHONE] to have a telephonic conversation in this regard. Thank you.


Letter of intent to blacklist a supplier

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Dear [NAME],

I am [NAME], the [DESIGNATION]. This letter has been drafted after the compilation and data analysis of supply and delivery performance from [DATE] to [DATE]. According to the data analysis, it shows extreme incompetence in the effective supply and delivery by the [SUPPLIER-I] and [SUPPLIER-II]. According to the Supply Portal Information of the company, these suppliers cannot be entrusted with future supplies and deliveries.

According to the [NAME THE COMMITTEE], these two suppliers have lost the power of trust of the company’s department of manufacturing and collection. Hence, they are not in a position to continue this venture, it is proposed to bid farewell to them and hire new suppliers in the replacement. The mentioned suppliers have been caught in the [MENTION ANY ILLEGAL ACTIVITY] and have been listed in the defrauding suppliers. To avoid any future trouble, it is favorable for the company to cancel its registration as our partnered supplier.

To avoid any complications, we intend to discuss the matter with a lawyer and adopt a legal channel to cancel their registration and save the record for any future application. Therefore, we propose to blacklist the mentioned suppliers and advertise the vacant position for new suppliers who can provide quality products with effective cost.

For further discussion, I would like to meet you in person. Please schedule a meeting at your earliest convenience and conclude the final word to notify the company’s stance on this. Thank you.


Letter of intent to blacklist a supplier

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