6 Tenancy Letters for Various Situations

Agreement Letter for Extension of Tenancy

This is with reference to the extension of our tenancy agreement that expires next month on the 20th of August, 2025. You are notified that following your request, the lease of my apartment at (address) has been extended to a further 2 years with effect from the 1st of August, 2025. You can continue to use the apartment with your family for the mentioned period of time until further extension or renewal of the agreement.

Our terms and conditions for the new agreement remain the same as before. However, there has been an increase of 5% in the monthly rent. A copy of the official agreement has been attached with the letter. You are advised to go through the document and request any required changes within one week.

There shall be no need for a new security deposit. However, in case of any damages to the apartment or a failure to abide by the terms and conditions of our agreement, the deposit shall not be refunded. I would also like to remind you that the payment of your monthly rent must be made before the 3rd of every month as before.

The new lease shall expire on 1st August 2028. You are required to submit your request for further extension or renewal of the tenancy agreement 5 months before the mentioned expiry date.

Month-to-Month Lease Extension Letter

This letter constitutes an official extension of our lease agreement for (property address) for the month of July 2025. You are hereby requested to clear the dues for the upcoming month in advance before 28th June.

According to section XYZ of our agreement, the rent amount has been increased for the coming month by 1%. You are now required to pay (amount) for the month of July. In case of non-payment before the aforementioned date, our lease agreement shall be terminated. If you wish to go ahead with the lease extension, you are requested to sign the attached form and mail it to my office no later than (date).

Please call me on 123456 during office hours for your queries.

Commercial Lease Agreement Letter

You are hereby informed that your lease agreement with (Landlord’s name) has been extended for a period of 5 years. You can continue to use the leased space at (location address) as your dental clinic.

No changes have been made to the stipulations laid down in the original lease agreement. Likewise, there has been no increase in the rent amount. You are requested to continue to abide by the landlord’s terms and conditions including the timely payment of the rent dues on a monthly basis.

Please submit a signed copy of the agreement to (the landlord’s name) by the coming Monday. You may visit our office at (address) if you wish to discuss any concerns.

Request Letter for Lease Agreement

This letter is with reference to the lease of your property at (address). Following our verbal agreement, I would like to request an official written lease contract.

In accordance with our prior discussion, I would make an advance payment in the amount of $500 along with a security deposit of $200. I shall move into the rented apartment with my family as soon as the dues have been cleared. I, therefore, request you to present the written agreement by the earliest so that I can proceed with my shifting.

Kindly mention the terms and conditions as agreed between us previously. You may contact me at the provided number for further discussion. I look forward to your response.

Lease Extension Letter to Landlord

With reference to your studio apartment at (location), our lease agreement is coming to an end by the end of August 2025. I would like to extend the lease period for another year. Kindly consider my request and amend our rental agreement accordingly.

I am asking you for this extension because my job transfer to (location) has been postponed. My current apartment is situated at a reasonable distance from my workplace and I am familiar with the surroundings. In addition, I have grown accustomed to a comfortable neighborhood. Shifting to another location for just a single year before my transfer would not be a feasible option for me. I, therefore, hope for your kind consideration of my request.

I am open to an increment in the rent for the extension period. I seek no maintenance from you for the apartment so extending my lease is a better choice for you as compared to having a new tenant. In addition, you will save the advertisement cost that is incurred while looking for new occupants. Therefore, the requested extension of our lease will be beneficial for both of us.

I have always abided by the terms and conditions of our contract with no complaints from the neighbors. I will continue to be a good tenant during the coming year and assure you that you will have no regrets.

Please contact me for further discussion. I would like to receive written approval of my request from you. We can then proceed with the official extension of the agreement. I would really appreciate a quick response from you so that our contract can be modified accordingly before it expires.

Lease Renewal Letter with Rent Increase

I am writing with reference to our lease agreement that is set to expire on (date). I am glad to notify you that your request for contract renewal has been approved. You shall retain the occupancy of the unit at (address) for the next 5 years. The terms and conditions of the renewed agreement shall be effective from (date) while the contract expires on (date). Thereafter, an extension or future renewal request must be placed 2 months prior to this expiry date.

You are also informed that according to the new agreement, your rent has increased from (amount) to (amount). The dues must be cleared by the (date) of each month. Please refer to the attached copy of our new agreement for more details.

You are requested to sign the attached documents and return them to me by this coming Friday. Feel free to call me on (number) for any queries related to the new contract. I look forward to another 5 years of our amicable legal relationship.

Lease Renewal Letter with Rent Increase

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