5 Proposal Letters for Various Situations


Partnership Proposal Letter for Business

On behalf of Elegance Boutique, I would like to propose a business partnership with your prestigious company, Hameez & Sons. It would be an honor for my company to embark on a joint venture with you. This collaboration will be highly beneficial for both of us.

Hameez & Sons have been a household name in Pakistan since the 90s. Your high-quality unstitched fabric is every dressmaker’s delight. My company would like to use the fabric manufactured by you to design and create top-quality clothes for women. We propose a profit share of 7% with your company if you provide us with the required fabric at wholesale rates.

Other than a share in our profit, there are several other benefits that your company can avail by joining hands with us. Established in 2010, Elegance Boutique took the nation by storm through its unique and glamorous PRET line.

For over 10 years, our brand has been the top choice for women all over the country. Today, we have over 30 stores doing a thriving business nationwide. In addition, we have also been able to maintain a decent client base internationally with two stores operating in the UK. Our partnership will help you expand your client base and earn international fame. Plus, the sales will increase for both of us once the names of two highly popular clothing brands merge together.

Please let us know if you are interested in our proposal. A meeting will then be arranged to further discuss the idea and form an official agreement. We would be delighted to hear your suggestions as well.

You may contact our representative at the provided details. We eagerly look forward to your response.


Event Partnership Proposal Letter

XYZ is glad to propose an event partnership with Beauty & Glam for its upcoming Makeup Fest to be held on (date) at the Karachi Expo Center. We will be collaborating with various makeup and skincare brands along with media partnerships with the country’s top News Channels and fashion magazines. In addition, 10 of the most popular local beauty influencers will be joining us to give coverage of our event on various social media platforms.

This is a golden opportunity for you to get countrywide exposure for your brand. XYZ has been arranging many successful events in the past. We have always been able to attract a large crowd that greatly benefits our partners. Likewise, you can expand your client base considerably through this event. It is also going to give you a chance to learn more about your main competitors in the market.

We have attached a detailed proposal plan with this letter. You are requested to go through it and let us know about your decision by the earliest. We would be glad to entertain your queries at the provided contact information.

Looking forward to your reply.


Letter Requesting Partnership with an Organization

I am John Doe, Executive Manager at ABC Company. We operate a fast-food chain that is growing in popularity nationwide. We are impressed by your exceptional food delivery service, Food-panda. It is everyone’s go-to place for ordering a variety of food to satisfy their cravings round the clock. We request a partnership with your popular organization in order to increase our sales and the subsequent profits for both of us.

We operate food outlets in all major cities of the country with a large client base. Our customers have been asking us to provide home delivery for our much-demanded food. During our working hours, we get approximately 20 orders per hour. According to one of our surveys, if we start offering home delivery, there will be around 12 to 15 orders placed within one hour. These stats clearly show how fruitful our collaboration would be.

We have attached a detailed business proposal. You are requested to go through it and contact us for negotiation. Kindly reach us at (number) by the next Monday. We await your response.


Strategic Partnership Proposal Letter

ABC Company is pleased to propose a partnership with XYZ Enterprises. This partnership will help both of us reach our target markets and beat our competitors more effectively. We can also successfully enhance our sales through this mutually beneficial collaboration.

We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant along with the best team of engineers who operate and maintain it. By joining hands with us, you can avail the expertise of our engineers to upgrade your own manufacturing process.

As a result, the quality of your products will be significantly enhanced. At the same time, we will help you increase your production efficiency which in turn will generate more sales every year. On the other hand, ABC can benefit from the reliability associated with your name in the market.

Potential customers tend to pick XYZ over other brands as the company has been selling durable products since the 90s. Therefore, our collaboration can be successful in making our respective companies thrive in the market.

We would like to arrange a meeting in order to discuss our proposal in more detail. You are requested to speak with our representative at the provided number and let us know about your availability.


Letter for Partnership on a Project

This is with reference to our meeting held on (date) regarding our possible partnership for the XYZ project. As discussed in the meeting, we would like to work with you for the successful and timely completion of the mentioned project. Our partnership would be mutually beneficial for our companies. It would also pave the way for future collaborations.

Please find attached our formal business proposal. The document suggests that our company would offer the labor as well as the tools and machinery required for the physical work required for the project. Our efficient and experienced team will complete the job 60% faster as compared to our competitors.

We promise to finish the project by (date). In return, we expect a 35% share with you in the overall profit. However, in case the project fails to achieve its target profit within a period of 15 months, your company would compensate for the wages of the labor as well as pay for the use of our machinery at a rate of (amount) per hour. We assure you that our rates are more reasonable than the other agencies.

Please let us know if you wish to discuss the proposal again. We would be glad to arrange another meeting. However, if you are satisfied with the attached proposal plan, kindly sign the partnership agreement and return it to us at the earliest.

We look forward to working with you.

Letter for Partnership on a Project

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