Warning Letter for Safety Non-Compliance


Re. Warning for Non-Compliance to the Workplace Safety Regulatory Policies 20XX

The letter has been penned to warn you of the non-compliance to workplace safety that is imposed by the Workplace Safety Regulatory Authority and Policies (WSRA&P) of 20XX. The letter aims to direct the relevant authorities to look into the observed non-compliance of the workplace safety regulations in the company.

As the company entails the construction, renovation, repair, outsourcing of labor, and providing machinery and equipment. Companies of such working nature need strict safety measures that should be covered from all dimensions.

Violation of safety measures at construction sites brings all the parties into investigation including the site managers, supervisors, and the company administration.

According to the WSRAP rule xvii (LC), the company administration and employer are responsible for any safety malfunction or hazard. Any calamity resulting from the negligence of safety rules would restrict the company from working in the future.

According to the report submitted to the Workplace Management and Safety Authority, CA, the company lacks some very basic safety measures. The labor working at the heights and with CRPs are not secured with the help of safety belts and many of them were seen without safety helmets, gloves, and Chester.

Images of the unsafe environment and non-compliance to the safety rules have been attached with the letter. Please find the copy of the report enclosed and look into the highlighted points. In case of further non-compliance, the company shall be restricted to carry on any work and can be sealed temporarily or permanently or can be penalized with a heavy fine.

You are asked to take immediate measures to make the working safety measures compliant with the rules mentioned. Thank you.


Warning Letter for Safety Non-Compliance


Re. Non-Compliance with the Workplace Safety Protocols and Procedures

Dear [NAME],

The letter has been written to warn you of the consequences that can be brought about by the non-compliance with the safety rules observed at your company by the inspection team of the California Management and Safety Authority (CMSA).

Safety rules are made and ensured to comply with the safety of the employees who spend most of their day in the offices working for their employers. A safe environment not only creates a healthy and secure workplace but also increases the productivity of the employees. It also helps in reducing the company’s cost by reducing the causes behind insurance claims by preventing your employees from catching a fever, illness, or any injury.

A safer environment benefits both the employees and employers. It creates a resilient and better safety culture in the office by regulating safety measures and by normalizing safety rules compliance.

Unfortunately, non-compliance with safety rules has been witnessed in your company. The following points make it a violation of the Workplace Safety Policy, you are required to comply with the safety rules by specifically complying with the given remarks:

  1. Not wearing protective equipment in the manufacturing department i.e., masks, gloves, suits, and no use of protective boards.
  2.  No protective measures in the use of heavy machinery.
  3. Poor elevator maintenance.
  4. No use of prohibitory stickers in the office.

You are asked to comply with the safety rules as they are an important part to ensure workforce and workplace safety. You are required to submit a letter of assurance of compliance with the safety rules as mentioned in the safety guide.

Another visit of the inspection team will be made and any non-compliance with the safety rules will lead to the cancellation of the business license or temporary or permanent closure of the business. Proper legal action will be taken which will resultantly put penalties on your company.

Compliance with the safety rules not only creates a healthy environment but also enhances the proficiency of the workplace and workforce. Thank you.


Warning Letter for Safety Non-Compliance

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