Absence Email to Professor for One Week

Respectfully stated, my name is Johnson, and I am a student in your software management class. I want to inform you that I cannot attend your classes for one week due to a genuine reason. My father works as a civil engineer in India. Last year, he bought a big farmhouse in Shimla. Now he has invited all of us to spend some time with him. Therefore, my elder siblings have decided to visit him during the upcoming week. I will have to go with them because none of my family members will be staying at home.

I know this is the second last week before annual exams and I may not be allowed to sit in exams by university management due to lecture shortage. Please do not mark me absent during the leave period because I am informing you in advance.

I would have attended your classes, but my problem is that I cannot stay alone at home due to some security reasons. Please accept my apology because I am missing five classes in the most important subject. Due to my excessive leave, I may not be able to perform well in my examinations.

I cannot stay away from my books for a long time. Therefore, I will be thankful if you would suggest me some alternative ways to keep in touch with my studies. If you grant me access to your online recorded lectures, it would be a great virtue from your side. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours obediently.

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Subject: Absence leave for one week

Dear Sir,

I hope you will be fine. My name is Anderson, and I am writing to inform you that I cannot come to the university to attend your classes for a week. The reason for my long absence is that I am to attend the marriage ceremony of my elder brother. His nikah ceremony has been planned to be held on [date]. There are four functions that are to be held at different locations. My father has put a heavy responsibility on my shoulders to look after all arrangements. I have only one brother and it is impossible for me to leave his marriage ceremony.

I know this is not an appropriate time to ask permission for absence because our final papers are around the corner. I also know that you have arranged these deficiency classes after receiving a lot of requests from our class.

I request you to accept my apology for such a long absence and grant me permission so that I would attend this ceremony without any stress. I have been a brilliant student in your class having passed all the courses by securing A grades. I assure you that my absence will not affect my results because I have talked with my fast friend who will provide me with all the notes of missing classes.

I hope you will understand my problem and admit my excuse. I shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness.

Yours sincerely.

Absence Email to Professor for One Week

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