Product Development Proposal Letters

Food Product Development Proposal Letter

I am delighted to put forward this proposal for the development of a new food product. Our company has been producing a whole range of snacks for kids for over 10 years. It is time we introduce something new and catch the attention of more potential customers.

As the Manager of the company’s Research and Development department, I have been working with my team on the assessment and feasibility of the development of different types of food products. After 6 months of rigorous research, we have come up with a plan to develop fortified snacks for kids. These would include biscuits, chocolate bars, and favored drinks that offer essential nutrients.

Our main selling point with these products would be the combination of taste and nutrients. While the kids enjoy these snacks, parents would be satisfied that their children are getting vitamins and minerals. These products will also be popular among parents whose kids are picky eaters. It is bound to be a success for us.

I have enclosed details of the proposed product line with this letter. I am eager to discuss this proposal further with you.

Looking forward to your reply.

Product Launch Proposal

I am pleased to inform you that samples of our new line of perfumes are ready. My team is putting forward this proposal for the launch of these perfumes in the market as soon as the samples have been tested and approved by the XYZ department.

It is suggested to make the launch before this Christmas. This is when shopping is at its peak. Our new product is expected to receive a great response if we introduce it just in time for Christmas shopping.

I’d be happy to discuss this proposal further in detail with you. Please let me know when we can arrange a meeting.

Product innovation proposal letter

Our company has been developing household electronics for decades. Even though we are a popular name in various parts of the world, we need to come up with more innovative products in order to beat our rising competitors. With this concern in mind, I have a product innovation proposal for our company.

In order to bring this innovation to our products, we can make them more portable. For instance, we can make kitchen appliances rechargeable. These can also be made easier to carry by reducing their size. Users will also finally have wireless appliances that are much easier as well as safer to operate.

I have worked on a detailed plan that I would like to present in a meeting with the entire R&D team. Please let me know when this meeting can be arranged.

I am eager to receive your reply.

Product design proposal letter

It is my pleasure to present this product design proposal for your startup company related to hair care products. I have worked with my team to come up with an efficacious formula for hair oil as requested by you.

According to your requirements, we have designed the product using herbal ingredients. It is a blend of 5 natural components that solve the most common hair problems including hair fall, dandruff, split ends, and balding hairline. This all-in-one formula is what most people demand in their fast-paced and busy routines. A single product can help them deal with various hair-related issues.

I wish to discuss this proposal in detail with you. Please call me to let me know when I can visit your office for a meeting.

Looking forward.

Food Product Development Proposal

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