Answer Letter for Notice to Explain

Letter -1

Re. Reply to the Reprimand Notice Served on 12-02-20XX Following a Prompt Demand of an NTE (Notice to Explanation)

Dear Sir,

This letter has been drafted to you in response to the reprimand notice served to me by the Department of Human Resources on your directions. The letter demands a show-cause letter which I attempt to explain below.

The reprimand notice has been written to me for the negligence shown by me to the work and non-seriousness in the work decentralizing one of the most important assignments and projects. Moreover, I have been charged with the allegation of misconduct on my part with Mr. Ichimaru who is working as an Assistant Finance Manager in the company. Hence this letter is an explanation of the chronic negligence and non-seriousness with the office tasks and misconduct with Mr. Ichimaru, I have drafted ample details as an explanation below.

Addressing the problem of my chronic negligence and absence of focus, I come to tell you that my wife is seriously ill and has been admitted to the hospital. She has gone through a kidney nephrectomy I could not take a break from the office due to the excessive workload and plethora of new projects. I am a consultant here, so my presence is mandatory to finalize and proceed with new projects.

Therefore, I did not take any leave from the office and kept visiting. Due to the stress created by my wife’s surgery and the financial burden I had to endure, I lost my focus and many of the tasks were neglected unintentionally. As far as my misconduct with Mr. Ichimaru is concerned, he was the one who started the debate with me and brought me into the case.

As CCTV cameras can produce the footage, Mr. Ichimaru can be seen pushing me away first, and then I pushed him and because of that sheer push his head stroke with the glass door. I have apologized to him and wiring an apology to the office too as it was completely self-defense and never willful.

I shall be grateful to you if you find these details ample for the explanation and assume no breach of office rules and regulations reviewing my acts under unavoidable circumstances. I thank you for the opportunity you provided me to serve the details. For more, I am available at [email].


Mike Petersfield
The Project Manager
Keller House’ Organization
67-P Limeswet Road, Temple Street,
Boston, CA, USA

Answer Letter for Notice to Explain

Letter -2

Re. Response to the Reprimanding Letter to Explain the Chronic Absence from the Work

Dear Sir,

I am penning this letter with reference to the reprimanding letter served to me on 12-02-20XX due to my chronic absence from the workplace. I have also been asked to write an explanation to the management giving ample detailed explanations to the unlikely act of long absence.

On 9th February 20XX, I was encountered with a robber while on my way to Stalk Grocers in New Jersey Union Bank Road. In this scenario, my phone was snatched and I lost all my details related to the office and all the contacts synced with my phone ID.

During this robbery, while I resisted the robbers to get my phone back, I was injured due to the fight with them. The fight was not much furious for the police arrived in the meantime and protected me. The robbers ran away and I was taken to the hospital for first aid. I was a little upset and shocked due to the unexpected dreadful incident.

Moreover, it took me three days to be able to go to the market and get a new phone and SIM card. It took me five consecutive days along with a weekend to get back to the office. On the very next day, I received the letter of reprimand asking me to answer the NTE. I hope the given details are ample to serve as an answer to the NTE.

I have attached all the required documents to screen the proof of the incident i.e., the copy of the first information report and medical certificate and the statement from the medical superintendent. For more please write to me at [email].

I thank you in anticipation for considering and reviewing this.


Michael Swan
Hegel Heights M-II Stocks
B-1 Miller Road, New Jersey

Answer Letter for Notice to Explain

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