Appreciation Letter for Good Work Done by the Team

Dear Teammates, I hope you all are in good health and feeling great after spending a hectic and tiresome week at the office. I hope you are revitalizing your energy and restoring your strength to work. I am writing this letter to all of you collectively because you have displayed great collective effort at the office. I am thrilled to tell you concretely that you all make a great team, and I am looking forward to achieving a lot after looking at the strength all of you show together.

I have worked on various projects in my X years of career but never witnessed such great teamwork and connectivity for projects anywhere. I am referring to the most recent project we did together. Being a team leader (TL), I understand that it is important to interact with you and tell you how much your efforts mean for this project.

I am taking this moment to tell you that your hard work and teamwork are much appreciated by all the supervisors, project managers, and team leaders. I am thankful to you for being such a great part of this project. I am looking forward to having a meeting with all of you in the conference room on the 3rd floor of the company. We shall have a general conversation and idea generation on the project finalization. I am looking forward to seeing you all on Monday.

For any queries, please send me an email at [EMAIL]. Thanks.


(Letter 2)

Re. Appreciation for Great Teamwork on the Project [NAME THE PROJECT]

Dear all,

I am very much delighted while writing this letter to you. [NAME THE COMPANY] has officially announced our company as their partner on [NAME THE PROJECT]. We have forwarded the contract copy to the Department of Inland and Revenue Services. The Federal board has also been informed about the decision of the board and other parties. They will send us a letter of confirmation which will be further approved by the Team of Board members.

Referring to the project and decision of the other company, I hereby want to tell you that the accomplishment of this project is credited to you. All of the teammates contributed equally to their capacity and made this project possible. It is a success today due to the sheer hard work and dedication of the team.

All the team members played their roles by burning the midnight oil. Some of you stayed till late at night in the office, some worked from their homes, and some took the assignments to their houses and worked sheerly. I am telling you through this letter that the company owes you this success and keeps proud of you.

After taking pride, I close my letter by inviting you to a thanksgiving dinner at [NAME THE VENUE] at [TIME] on [DATE & DAY]. You can write to me with any queries via SMS or email.

Thank you.


Appreciation Letter for Good Work Done by the Team

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