Letter of Remorse for Crime

Re. Expressing Deep Regrets for Bypassing Traffic Laws

Your Honor, I am [NAME OF THE ACCUSED] from the [BRIEF ADDRESS, AREA,], [CITY], [STATE]. On [DATE], while I was driving my son to his school, I violated a few traffic laws. I am deeply remorseful for my act of bypassing the traffic laws that are, however, meant for the safety of all of us. I was sent a ticket for violating the signal at the 5th Line Square which I could not pay off due to excessive commitments at work and the office.

Unfortunately, due to an excusably unavoidable situation, I, once again, bypassed the traffic laws by parking my car which was covering half a lane for the ambulance and emergency and urgent recoveries.

I understand that these violations could have turned out into grave consequences. I hereby confess that by doing so I put my and my son’s life, as well as, the life of others, in danger. I am very much ashamed of this act and ask you to pardon my crime.

No excuse can be adequate for bypassing traffic laws which can potentially put everyone’s life in danger. I have met the social and psychological rehabilitation members to get a thorough understanding of what a turnout of my negligence could be.

Owing to my remorse and plea for forgiveness, I request you discard the charges against me and reduce my fine inflicted as a penalty which is $[X]. I shall be greatly grateful to you for this. I close my letter by promising that I shall never trespass on traffic laws again. Thank you.



Re. Letter of Repentance Expressing Deep Remorse on Charges Put in Case No. XX

Dear Your Honor,

I am [NAME] and I have been found guilty in case no. X. I am extremely remorseful and embarrassed by this act. Your honor, I am charged with putting [X] in possession at the workplace. I have an explanation for that but before that, I want to confess my crime according to the law and express deep regrets. I also confess that the mentioned articles and sections on my crime are adequately true, and I present myself for complete coordination with the Police, the Law Enforcement of Local Unit (LELU), and the [X] Control Regulatory Authority (DCRA).

On [DATE], police found me possessing [X] [MENTION THE TYPE OF NARCOTICS BEING COVERED] at my workplace during office hours. I was arrested by the local police in front of my colleagues, coworkers, and friends. My supervisors and head of the department also witnessed this incident which clues to the end of my career at theirs. It has made my professional life fall apart. I have no words to express my remorse for the act I did.

You honor, I understand that no excuse is enough to involve in such activities, but I believe my little explanation can save my persona as a kind person. Sir, I have been going through depression which put me in the habit of taking [X]. My depression has been caused by excessive work, single-parenting, divorce, and other personal things. I understand no excuse is enough for such criminal activity, therefore, I request you to forgive me owing to my plea for forgiveness and remorse.

I hereby promise that I shall never involve in [X] again. Moreover, I shall get myself treated properly and get help from the anti-narcotics and drug abuse help center. I have attached my legal documents and affidavit in which I promise to not involve in any illegal activity again. Thank you.


Letter of Remorse for Crime

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