Request Letter to Create a Training Form

Dear Boss, I John Wick have been serving your company in the Sales and Marketing department for the last 5 years now. Through my exceptional marketing skills, I have sold multiple products of ours to several international clients.

Moreover, my project execution expertise has lured many businesses in the town to partner up with our company during this time. I will not be wrong to flaunt that my diligence and hard work have taken this company to an unparalleled height.

When I joined the company, my ambition was to utilize the best of my abilities and earn this company prestige in the market and I have been successful in my goals. Nevertheless, since the trends are changing in the industry, I believe professionals need to evolve themselves accordingly.

Therefore, I wish to learn and grow my abilities for the best interests of the company. Having acquired the latest techniques and power to perform new challenges, I would be a great asset to your business.

After discussing the matter with my colleagues and superiors, who have also walked on the same path, I have found some extraordinary workshops and training for myself. I request you to create a training form for me so I could enjoin these training sessions and return with a fresh aim and sharp-edge techniques to increase the sales of the company.

Should you have any questions related to my request, please feel free to contact me at 000-000-000 or email me at [EMAIL]. I am also willing to justify my proposal to the board of directors in a meeting if I may.


John Wick,
Project Lead,
Sales and Marketing Department,

(Letter 2)

Dear Joe,

My name is Alton Nick, and I am the head of the Digital Marketing department in your company. It has been 3-years since I am serving [XYZ] in this position, and I take great pride to say that we have come a long way since then. Under my supervision and the entire department’s efforts, we have been accomplished in taking the company to the front lines in Arizona’s digital marketing industry.

Nevertheless, now I feel a vacuum in the current trends and modern techniques of the industry and our company’s skillset. Given this fact, several other companies have successfully overpowered us and taken the charge. They have taken their company from a small business to a renowned brand.

After doing thorough research on all the causes and effects and consulting a few gurus in this field, I have come up with an idea to groom the entire team of the department.

I have selected a few additional workshops and training from top-notch training organizations in the state to acquaint ourselves with the latest skillset. After pursuing this training, we will take the top position back into our hands and the company will succeed by leaps and bounds.

I have attached all the necessary details of these organizations and their training programs. I request you to pay the fee and additional charges for them because, after all, it is only in the best interests of the company.

I also assure you that you will not need to reschedule or change our position for this as we seek to continue in our current position and work schedule.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to call me in your office and I’d love to present the whole plan in front of you.


Alton Nick,
Project Lead,
Digital Marketing

Request Letter to Create a Training Form

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