Authorization Letters

  1. Authorization letter to collect a cheque

I, (mention your name here) hereby authorize Mr./ Miss (name of the person you have given authority) to obtain and assemble my cheque for me. I have given full authority and I’m signing below for the authenticity of this letter.

The name and details of Mr./Miss are given below so you can verify whenever they come to collect my cheque.

2.  Authorization letter to collect passport

My name is (mention your full name here) and I hold a UK nationality (or whatever nationality you hold, mention that) under the passport number (mention your passport number here) have authorized Mr./ Miss (name of the person who will collect your passport) under a valid ID card number (write it down here) to collect my passport on my behalf since I’m out of town and won’t be able to come to collect it myself for the next couple of days/weeks.

Below is my application reference number:
(Signature at the end)
(Write down your contact number)

 3. Authorization letter to bank

I am (mention your full name according to bank documents) writing to inform you that Mr./Miss/ Dr. (name of the person you’re giving authority to) is authorized to make changes on my behalf in my bank account regarding this account (number of accounts should be mentioned). Any withdrawal of the money, addition, and deposits of funds, as well as writing cheques, will now be done by Mr./Miss/Dr. on my behalf. This shall be done between (Month/Date/Year) To (Month/Date/Year) for the reason that I will not be in the country.

For any further information, please contact me at this number [X].

 4. Authorization letter to collect checkbook

I, (your full name should be mentioned here) hereby authorize Mr./Miss/Mrs. to receive and collect my checkbook which was issued on (date and day of the time it was issued) against my bank account (mention your bank account number here). My signatures, as well as Mr./Miss/Mrs.’s information, are mentioned below in this letter. I advise you to please check thoroughly and keenly this information of the receiver before handing them over my checkbook.

Name: (Write down the name of the person collecting your checkbook)
Identity type: (Passport number, ID card or a Driver’s License/ whatever identity they will be taking to the bank)

Identity number: (Of passport, ID card, etc.)
Signature: (Sign here)
(Mention date and day too if possible)

5. Authorization letter to drive vehicle

I, (mention your name here) am a resident of (write down your full address including the street name and city). I own a red BMW 3-series (or whatever your car’s model and type are) under my name and registration number (write down your full info regarding the car) with a license plate (mention the number). I have an authorized vehicle driving license from (whatever month and date and day as well as the year it was issued on) to (write down the expiration as well).

I will be leaving the country for a couple of months on a business trip and vacation later on with my family. My brother will be in charge of my car here in my hometown. He is an authentic driving license holder, too. His license issued on (write down the dates) and is expiring on (date of expiration).

I have given him full authority to use and take my vehicle he wants within the country during my stay outside it. Please update your information and for further inquiry, contact me at (mention your phone number and email address).

6. Authorization letter to collect bank statement

I am (mention your full name) giving full authority to (name of the person you want to collect your bank statement) receive my bank statement of current account balance/savings. My account number is [X] and I would like the bank statement to be from (dates you’d want to check) to (dates you want them to end). Thank you in advance for considering my request.

(Sign below before ending)

7. Authorization letter to collect ATM card

My name is (mention your name) and I hereby authorize my son Mr. (write his name) to collect my ATM card on my behalf. I am currently suffering from fever and I’d appreciate your cooperation in giving my son the authority to sign the documents and papers of any kind regarding my bank account in processing of my ATM debit card. He is in charge of the new pin as well.

I have enclosed my previous ATM bank statements and a valid ID card along with supporting documents for your reference. My son’s ID card number is also mentioned with those documents. Please check upon arrival. Feel free to contact me regarding any concerns, thank you.

(Mention your contact number and sign below)

8. Authorization letter to collect return cheque from bank

I, (write down your name) hereby authorize my brother (name of your brother) under the identity card number [X] to collect the returned cheque from the bank. My account number is [X]. I am unable to come because of my fever so my brother will come and collect the returned cheque. Kindly, double-check his info mentioned in this letter upon arrival. Your cooperation is appreciated.

9. Authorization letter to sell products

We are the goods company (name of your company and place where it’s located should be mentioned here). Since, our export business has expanded and we’d like to take care of it overseas by ourselves for as long as it is well settled, we, hereby authorize Mr./Miss/ Mrs. (name of the person you’re giving authority to shall be mentioned here) to sell, bring in, negotiate, exhibit and promote our goods and various other products from (date according to month and year should be mentioned here) to (whenever you want this to end and be taken into your hands).

This letter has names of the people we have authorized, and their necessary information is also attached. It is an agreement between the owner (the company) and the authorized people along with the signs. Kindly, take some time out to consider this. Thanking you in advance, (write your name and sign at the end).

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