Cover Letter for the Position of Graphic Designer

I am pleased to write this cover letter for the position of Graphic Designer at (name of the company). It would be an honor for me to work with your company. I have always admired your company for its policies and the creative team that creates new and interesting ideas for marketing the product.

As in the current scenario, everyone is aware that your company is about to launch new products which include (name of the product), (name of the product) and (name of the product). Quite recently, I was listening to the CEO of the company (name of the company) that your company, in addition to introducing new product lines, is also thinking of launching the new products for the previous lines i.e. (name of the product line). (name of the product line) was no doubt a huge success. I myself am a fan of many products of that product line.

I firmly believe that no matter how good is one’s product but if the product is not marketed in the right way to the right audience it would not produce the desired sales number. For a product to find its place in the already crowded market it is very necessary that it has a peculiar feature that makes it different from the other products. Moreover, it is equally important that the marketing of the product is carried out in the correct way. This includes the packaging of the product and its digital marketing.

Digital marketing has gained more importance in the recent decade with the advancement in technology. A product can be shown to a greater number of consumers through correct digital marketing. In this contemporary world, every single human being has an internet presence therefore, our product can be shown to each of them through the right platform.

I have experience (number of years) as I have worked as a graphic designer (name of the company). During my tenure as a graphic designer, I was responsible for many tasks. These included designing of the packaging of the product. This is a very crucial step in the launch of a product and thus, plays a huge part in the success of the product. I used to design the packaging while taking into consideration the type of field the product belongs to and the type of consumers that would be using this product.

Moreover, I worked with the digital marketing team of the company. I knew exactly how the product was going to be marketed so I would keep this information in my mind while designing the package of the product. I also assisted the marketing team in video and animation making for the product.

I have always had a love for the arts. From the very early childhood, I was interested in drawing. My parents supported this passion of mine and I used to attend special art classes after school. This helped a lot in improving my creativity. After high school, I took admission in (name of the university) for doing my graduation degree in (name of the subject). After my graduation, I did (name of the degree or diploma) from (name of the university). I am proud to state here that I am familiar with the usage of several different software used in graphic designing. Some of these include (name of the software), (name of the software) and (name of the software).

In the end I would like to extend my gratitude to you for considering my application for the position of Graphic designer at (name of the company). I would love to share my previous experiences with the current employees of your company. I look forward to meeting you and knowing more about your company and the responsibilities that a graphic designer has in your company. For any further query please contact me on the details mentioned.

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