Backpay Follow Up Email

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<generally follow up emails bear the same subject>

Dear [NAME], Thanks a lot for writing to me and providing me a chance to write as a follow-up to this.

At this moment, I request you to back pay that is in arrears from [SPECIFY DATE] to [SPECIFY DATE]. I have not been paid during this time due to technical problems and issues found in the current deficit of the company. I had been assured and taken under much confidence that it will be done not later than [DATE] but unfortunately, it has taken [X] months.

[NAME], the unpaid amount and the lag in the time of payment has immensely affected my life in various ways. I have not been able to pay my credit payments to the bank regularly and I am afraid that I can be blacklisted for that. Moreover, I have not been able to pay my house rent and other bills due to the financial instability that came upon me by the delay of the payment.

However, I am not afraid of losing my amount as I believe the competent authorities in the company, but I am afraid of losing the trust of my debtors and creditors. Furthermore, the matter has been harmful to my mental health as I am disturbed by such a lag in the payment. Please pay kind attention to this matter and give prompt action for the payment you owe to me.

I have enclosed the timesheet of my working hours, as I have worked for extra time for several days in the last month, I am sending proof of the time I have given. I shall be highly thankful.

I am looking forward to your kind and prompt response. Thank you.



Backpay follow up email


Re. The follow-up to the Backpay

Dear Sir,

This is, reverently, requested to you to pay my salary in arrears from [DATE] to [DATE]. It makes an amount of $[X] payable for the mentioned time. Firstly, before starting, I would like to thank you for providing me the opportunity of working on the [PROJECT] and equip me with greater experiences and skills.

Sir, I am a single parent and I have to look after everything related to the little ones. Things like this make it harder for me to get things done for my kids. I have not paid the rent of my apartment for the last two months due to the unsettled amount. I understand all the circumstances due to which the amount has been outstanding not settles yet. I also understand the complications of the matter in which the company has been sunk but I am regretful that I cannot be as resilient to the circumstances much.

Due to the mentioned problems, I request you to speed up the process of my payment otherwise I will have to resign to get another work as I am helpless in this regard and cannot go along this. I am sorry if I cause any inconvenience.

Best Regards


Backpay follow up email

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