Salary Hold Email to Employees

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Re. Holding Salaries of the Company Staff

Dear All, I am writing this email with the hope that you all are doing well.

First, I would like to thank you all for being always committed to the [COMPANY NAME]. You all make a very strong team and a stone-hard potential. I am amazed by looking at the last month’s performance appraisals according to which most of the team members have not taken a single leave in the last six months. Moreover, everyone was found to be a punctual and regular worker with an industrious nature of learning new experiences and skills.

Secondly, this email implies to inform you all that due to an unanticipated emergency in the company’s premises of development sector and PC-8, we are compelled to hold the salaries of our employees for this month. I understand the gravity of this information and the consequential problems this news might bring, but I apologize for the unwelcome and unpleasant decision. The decision has been taken on the account of potential negative values in the market with the sudden change in the values of the Stock Exchange Market (SEM).

We regret to bring this information to you, but we are confident that it shall not go too far and the problem will be maneuvered very soon. Once the issue resolves, certainly, we shall release the salaries as soon as before the arrival of next month. We are again sorry for the unfortunate experience this month.

We thank you for your resilience and compliance with the company’s downgrading circumstances. We assure you of our complete commitment and quick recovery of the problem.

Thanks for your cooperation.



Salary hold email to employees


Re. Informing the Salary Held by the [Department of Accounts]

Dear Employees,

I hope you find this email in the best of spirits and health. This email purports to inform you of unpleasant and vexatious news. It is said with immense regret that the company will not be able to deposit the salaries of the employees on [DATE]. However, it is not about the company’s low profits or any other reason as it has been misunderstood by some of the employees.

The reason belongs to the technical problems in the department of Accounts. The Senior Finance Manager of the company, [MR./MRS./MS. NAME], has stated that it has been due to some internal changes in the Accounts Department. Moreover, there are some bugs found in the company’s accounting system as there has been much muddle in the accounting and auditing of the company. According to him/her, it shall not take more than [X] days. All salaries are expected to be released before [DATE].

We request you to tolerate the beholden salaries until the department of accounts makes the essential amendments. To not forget that it is not a recurrent event and hence, hopefully, will not repeat. We always have faith in our company’s employees and their resilience. We suggest you avoid any kind of despondency spread by various capacities.

For more, do not hesitate to contact the Department of Human Resources or write to the Accounts Department at [EMAIL]. Thank you.



Salary hold email to employees

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