Congratulations messages on being a dad


To be a dad for the first time is an incredible and beyond-belief experience. I am enraptured that you have become a father now. I wish you to savor the precious moments of parenthood and have an extravagant time with your baby. You are going to spend the remaining days of your life with your child so cuddle your child and raise him appropriately into a good human being. To become a parent is not an easy task at all but you are the lucky one to be one. Many congratulations from my side and I pray for the healthy life of your baby as well as you.


I congratulate you wholeheartedly on becoming the father of a beautiful baby girl. I hope you will execute your liability in a proper way and will enjoy your infatuations. Best wishes to you and your family for having a little princess and I pray for her better future. Give lots of love and kisses to newborns. I will definitely visit you once I get some time.


You have been blessed with a baby boy and I hope that you will be in seventh heaven after hearing this news. No bond is stronger than father and son. As you always missed your brother so God gave you a son so you might not feel alone at all. You will learn many new lessons and beautiful things in life that you have never experienced before. You might seem young as a father but you do not have to neglect your responsibilities in the fullness of time. Be bona fide and cordial and carry out your allegiance as a father.


God has been very kind to you as he gifted you a wonderful baby. Heartiest congratulations to you for being the dad for the first time. Now you should be prepared for facing amazeballs and delightful years ahead. May your life be blessed with prosperity with the arrival of a newborn.


Becoming a parent is not an easy task and I congratulate you for being a new father. I hope that the new infant will bring many new blessings along with him and I hope to hear good things regarding the little one in the future. I hope that you will be a responsible and caring father and will hold to your responsibilities round the clock. I am sending few gifts for the little one and I hope you will love them all. Sending lots of prayers your way.


One of the greatest achievements in man’s life is to become a father and I am delighted that you have attained this achievement. Being a father requires lots of time, love, and patience and I wish you the heartiest felicitations for being a new father and I am hopeful that you will perform your duties with great care.


I hope that you are enjoying the new phase of life as it changes totally after the arrival of a newborn. I wish that your child be developed into an energetic and happy individual with vitality and energy. I wish she is transformed into a fortunate and blooming individual and make you a proud father. Devote yourself to take up your daughter and bring off your duties as an accountable father. May God favors being with you and your daughter.


I do not know from where to start as I am in seventh heaven after listening to the news of your newborn. Many felicitations to you as nothing seem better as to be a father. I hope that your little one will bring significant changes in your life and will make every moment of your life valuable. Try to spend maximum time with your infant as time flies soon. Make your relationship stronger with your daughter as she becomes older. I will visit you on the weekend and I am super excited to meet my daughter’s best friend.

Congratulations message on being a dad

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