Business Introduction Letter to New Client


Re. An Introduction to the Business of [NAME OF THE COMPANY].

Dear [NAME], first, we are thankful to you for expressing your interest in working with us and providing us a chance to prove ourselves as a credible and worthy business in the field of organic products. In this letter, as titled in the subject of the letter, I would introduce our business to you and the products we prepare. It purports to give you an overview and a well-framed idea of what exactly [THE COMPANY] does.

The [COMPANY NAME] works its best to provide organic food and other raw materials that are also organic. We provide organic food and organic material with zero potential of synthetic quality to assure the distribution of quality products that can bring healthy effects on people’s bodies and minds.

In addition to that, our company prepares food supplements that are also organic and they have already been reviewed by various dietary clinics. Our products are registered by the FDA authority of food inspection and quality control. Moreover, our products are prescribed by many dietitians and nutritionists finding the products organic and inexpensive as compared to the other organic sellers in the market.

We would like to have you for a meeting and take you to visit the company and its manufacturing department. Details on the products, their names, ingredients, and prices have been enclosed in this letter. You can have a look at them to have a general cost analysis.

We are looking forward to a great partnership and clientage with you. In case of any queries, please do not hesitate to dial [PHONE] or send us an email at [EMAI]. We are looking forward to your visit to the company. Thank you.

Kind Regards

Business introduction letter to new client

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Re. Introduction to the Business of [NAME THE BUSINESS]

Dear [NAME],

This letter has been penned down for two main purposes; one is to thank you for putting trust in our business and initiating the clientage, and the other is to introduce our business to you for your convenience. This letter would give you an idea about our business structure, nature, production, and potential clientage.

[THE COMPANY] was first launched a small-scale store in the [AREA] from where it flourished to what it is today. We were always very lucky to have a competent and extremely professional team. We started our business in [20XX] and later it got into the shape of an expanded business.

We work in the field of nutraceuticals and make sure to put quality into our products. Our products are well-known in the market for their quality and inexpensive costs. We prepare supplements, vitamin supplements, minerals supplements, and food supplements for the treatment of malnutrition.

We are an ISO-certified business and have also been approved by the FDA of the [STATE]. We had also been rewarded with the Public Trusted Business Award in [20XX]. We have our clients all over the US.

We appreciate your potential as a client and expect to work for a bright and successful future that would benefit both of us. We are working to mark up the things in their quality and price efficiency. We are looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Our contact details and business profile have been enclosed. In case of any queries, our manager would love to guide you further. Thank you for your kind consideration.


Business introduction letter to new client

Format: Word [18 KB]

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