Late Coming and Early Leave Notice to Employee


Re. Notice for the Irregularity at Work

Dear [NAME], Monthly Employees Demeanor (MED) has stated that you have been coming to the office late and leaving early for many days. Moreover, unauthorized absence in between the working hours has also been reported. This has impacted the business duties on your part as irregularity affects productivity and focus. Moreover, giving less time to the office can contaminate the minds of other workers and this can be made a norm in the office in no time.

Offices have certain timings of entering the work and leave the work on the account of certain facts. It is factually stated by science and mental health programs that working on one set time every day can increase your productivity and focus. It makes our mind and body function accordingly. Irregularity decreases the levels of proficiency and productivity. One is prone to lose focus and get distracted easily when a set routine is not followed.

Being unpunctual and irregular at work expresses disinterest, lack of professionalism, incompetence, and dishonesty with the work at the employee’s end. It impacts the office schedules like official meetings, responding to the clients on time, pending assignments, and project deadlines. Thus, it is not an appreciable demeanor, and it is strictly prohibited to leave the office earlier than the set check-out time of the office.

This letter serves as a reprimand notice. If this behavior at the workplace continues, strict punitive measures shall be taken in the form of salary cuts, demotion, or lay off from the work. If you have any serious reasons for doing this, you can meet me in person to explain the cause. You can also write to me at [EMAIL] or call me at [PHONE] from [xx: xx] to [xx: xx]. Thank you.


Late coming and early leave notice to employee

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Re. Notice on the Late Coming and Early Leaving from the Office: Reported by the Employment Analysis of [MONTH].

Dear [NAME],

I am writing this letter on behalf of the [NAME], the [DESIGNATION]. The letter intends to express reproach on the account of your unauthorized and uninformed irregular timings of entering and leaving the workplace. This behavior is unacceptable, and it has been notified by the higher authorities to look into this and get the matter resolved through reprimand or retribution according to the Employment Non-Compliant Behaviors Ordinance (E-NCOB).

The report highlights you as one of the most irregular employees who is not abiding by the regulations of the office timings. Such behavior is highly discouraged and unacceptable. Therefore, this letter expresses strong disapproval of this contortion and asks for immediate correction.

In case of no correction, other officially recognized punitive measures can be taken. According to the ordinance and company’s policy, these measures include salary cuts, permanent demotion, suspension, temporary layoff, or termination. Therefore, you are requested to change your irregularity or meet the Human Resources Management, if such a situation becomes unavoidable.

You can contact the relevant authorities at [EMAIL] or call at [PHONE]. We hope this letter would be sufficient to actualize the regular patterns of timings. Thank you.


Late coming and early leave notice to employee

Format: Word [13 KB]

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