Christmas Bonus Announcement Letter

Re. Announcement of Bonus-2022 on the Christmas Eve

Dear Staff Members, I am delightedly writing to announce a bonus as a non-increment addition to your salary for December 2022. Most employees know that the Company gives a variable bonus on Christmas Eve every year as a notion and gesture of appreciation and celebratory amount for Christmas. 

In 2022, the Company saw many changes in its internal and external structure. The structural changes were brought into the capacity of our Company to cater to the growing and changing dynamics and policies of construction and corporate business. All the businesses have seen a significant downturn in their profits, imports and exports, manufacturing, production, and of course, workforce.

Many employees were laid off from the Company permanently after the shaking blow of Covid-19, which gave sheer economic stress to the world. Many significant economies came to their knees due to the financial crunch caused by the virus. 

After the virus, an economic breakdown is on its way. Many major economies are still on their way to restoring themselves. The mass shutdown of the business has been seen along with catastrophic changes in business dynamics. 

However, [Name of the Company], even after sheer economic stress, considers its employees’ best efforts and contributions to the Company’s success. We substantiate our appreciation to our workers by giving them 30% of their gross salaries as a bonus for 202X. 

If the bonus amount is transferred to your account after [date], you can claim your amount from the Accounts department. However, it is to notify you that the bonus is one-time extra money, not an increment to your salary. The Company shall announce increments in 202X according to its policy. 

We wish you excellent luck and health on Christmas eve. We are thankful to you for your untiring services and dedicated hard work. For more contact, please dial [phone number]. 



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Re. Bonus Announcement 202X

Dear All,

I am [Name], the [designation] from the Company. I am writing to break happy news of a bonus announcement according to the Company’s Policies and General Mechanism 2020. 

According to the mentioned policy, all the company employees shall be given $[amount] as a one-time bonus this Christmas Eve for the year 202X. The bonus shall be given to all the employees without discriminatory numbers.

The bonus is given to the employees as per the Company’s profit percentage. This year-end bonus is an amount to be given as an honorary amount for Christmas. It is traditional for our Company to announce a dividend every year on Christmas Eve. 

I want to take this happy moment to wish you all a thrilled Christmas and New Year. I wish you make happy memories, work hard, and stay healthy and robust in the coming year. 

The office shall remain closed from [date] to [date], considering Christmas and New Year. Due to heavy snowfall, the Company shall call its employees to work from home on a regular basis from [date] until further notice. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the HR Consultant for further information. 

I thank you for your services at [Name of the Company].

Best Regards

[Company & Signature] 

Christmas Bonus Announcement Letter

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