Executive Departure Announcement Letter

Re. Letter of Announcement of Departure of Mr. [name], the CEO of [Name of the company]

Dear All, This letter has been written to announce the departure of Mr. [name] from the company. He has been a shareholder of the company in the position of CEO to date. He served the company as an Executive Manager in 20XX and then took charge as CEO of the company. He remained CFO of the company board for three months in 20XX. The company saw a boom in investors and stakeholders.

Due to personal reasons and internal problems in the company’s administrative structure, we regret to inform you that Mr. [name] is no longer a part of the company. He has resigned from not only the position of Chief Executive Officer of the company but also the shareholder group. He will no longer be in service at the company. 

To our clients, we have sent an email to inform the departure of our reverend CEO. Moreover, we have attached a notification on our official website for bidders, recruiters, and tendering companies. The information should be given to the media for the business evaluation page. 

As you know, we strongly believe in the transparency and acknowledgment of whatever is happening inside. At the same time, we avoid any external interference in the company’s internal structure. Therefore, we request you refrain from answering any related query from media or other business groups. Any confidence break can cause direct termination or demotion from the working scale. 

We regard you as our asset and the spine of the company’s working status. Any influence of the executive departure on the work should be borne with resilience and exemplary conduct. Stay focused on your position and keep the company shining with your hard work. 



[Name of the sender]
[Authorized signature]

(Sample -2)

Re. Announcement of the Departure of Three Executive Members from the Company’s Working Network

Dear Employees, 

Whenever something happens in the company’s internal structure, we must inform our employees about the considerable changes, departures, additions, towers, or any internal and external affairs that influence the company’s working capacity. 

Three of our reverend executive members of the top-notch committee have refused to comply with the changes in taxation and production management rules and alterations in the company’s reorganization of heads and executives. They also needed to prove their considerably hiking profits from the company to the board of directors.

Moreover, their decision harnessed the company into a tunnel of complications and rough and complicated policies. It steered all the company’s stakeholders into an undermining situation by providing data in negative numbers that proved to be formulated and made up. 

The three executive members departing are:

  1. [name 1]
  2. [name 2]
  3. [name 3]

We shall announce new executive members after one week. In case of any urgent task, consult with the concerned supervisors or HODs.

An investigation committee has been formed for further inquiry. However, it has been decided that they are not part of the company anymore. In case of official or unofficial links with the mentioned members, you have been advised to de-channelize them and redirect them to the concerned departments’ HODs. 

We believe in fair policies, transparency, and honesty. Any fraudulent activities should be term into legal action, termination from the company, and withholding all the termination/resignation benefits. 

Thank you for supporting us in our decisions. 

With Regards,

[Name of the sender]
[Authorized sign with date]

Executive Departure Announcement Letter

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