College (Course) Transfer Request Letter

Letter 1

I have always been a very diligent student. I have been interested in arts from a young age. I was fortunate enough to get encouragement from the people around me for pursuing my passion. I took admission in (name of the college) on (mention month and date) to study bachelors in (name of the degree). I studied hard and my mark sheet approves of my statement. Due to my brilliance in academic performance, a professor asked me to participate in a summer art convention that was due to be held on (state the month).

Despite only a limited number of seats, I got the opportunity to be a part of the art convention organized by (mention the name of the society or Institute). I got an exposure to the different majors of arts. I was able to try my luck in understanding the sculpture making and that too by (mention name of the person) who is a well-known name both nationally and internationally. This inspired me to pursue my career in sculpture making instead of painting.

My degree at (mention name of the college) would not help me specialize in sculpture making as it is more inclined towards providing a basic overview of (name the subject or major). I talked about my interest in sculpture making with a professor of mine and he suggested that transferring my course from my current college (name of the college) to (mention the name of the other college) would be the best option for me.

I visited the college (name of the college) on (mention date and month) and had a detailed meeting with (name of the person). (Name of the person) is the one in charge of looking at all the student admissions this year. He told me it was possible for me to transfer my course from (name of the college) to (name of the college) if the admission committee seems to think that I meet the admission criteria of the college.

I, therefore, through this letter would request you to allow me to transfer my course from (name of the college) to (name of the college) and pursue my dream. I assure you that the reason for this transfer is purely academic and there are no hidden motives behind my decision.

I hope that after looking at my credentials and the reference letters from my professors I would be allowed to transfer my course from (name of the college) to (name of the college) and restart my studies with a better future.

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Letter 2

My name is (state your name here). I am writing this letter to ask permission for transferring my course (name of the course) from (name of the college) to (name of the college). I am currently a student of (name of the degree) at (name of the college) since (mention month and year).

I started my degree in (name of the degree or subject) as I have always been interested in (name of the subject) and I had a desire to pursue my career in this field. However, after I got admission in (name of the college) I realized although the college offers the degree in (name of the subject) yet it does not focus on the majors I am interested in i.e. (name of the subjects you would like to take).

The college (name of the college) offers majors like (state the majors offered by the current college) which are no doubt some of the best subjects to pursue a career in. For one complete year, I tried to persuade myself in developing an interest in the offered majors but to my dismay, I couldn’t achieve this goal.

This left me with no motivation to further study and complete my degree. My professor observed this conduct of mine and asked me to get a student counseling. After the counseling, I realized I need to transfer my course to a college that offers my desired majors so that I can pursue my original goal.

I came to know of (name of the college) from a professor of mine. I visited the college and had a discussion with the person in charge of student admissions this year. I was told that it is possible for me to transfer my course from (name for the college) to (name of the college) before the start of the next academic session. Through following this procedure, I would be able to save my academic year and continue my studies at (name of the college).

I request the admission authorities to approve my request for college transfer so that I can pursue my career in (name of the major) and succeed in life. I shall be grateful to you for this assistance. Please contact me on the details mentioned below for any sort of inquiry. Looking forward to a positive response.

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