Suspension Letter for Fuel Stealing

Letter -1

We hope that everyone is in good health. This letter is supposed to be circular for the suspension of our two employees. It has come to our attention that these two employees Mr. (name of the person) and Mr. (name of the person) were stealing the fuel from the site.

The company (name of the company) has opened an investigation against them. The company (name of the company) would like to make this clear that both the employees would be subjected to a fair trial and would be allowed to provide proof and justifications for their actions. The investigation team would investigate all the details of the accounts and the justifications provided by both the employees and asses if the allegations made are true or false.

It is hereby directed to both Mr. (name of the person) and Mr. (name of the person) that they are suspended from performing their duties. The decision about their rejoining the company (name of the company) would be taken after looking at the report of the investigation. The investigation committee has been instructed to complete their investigation within 2 weeks and submit the report on the 3rd week of this month.

Moreover, the company (name of the company) has made another decision regarding this matter. The person’s name who reported these allegations would be kept a secret till the final decision.

It is advised to all the employees to come forward and tell the investigation committee if they know anything regarding this matter. Like the first person who made the initial allegations, anyone else who comes up with any information regarding this situation should feel safe as his name too would be kept a secret.

The purpose of this exercise is to develop a firm trust between the company (name of the company) and all the employees. Any sort of dishonesty would not be tolerated. Therefore, by taking this action the company (name of the company) intends to develop an example for the future so that no one tries to be fraudulent with the company. we would highly appreciate your cooperation.

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Letter -2

It has come to our attention that Mr. (name of the person) along with his colleague Mr. (name of the person) was involved in the stealing of fuel on-site. There is speculation that some other people have also participated in this act of stealing. The company has their names as well but the company (name of the company) has for now decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and keep their names a secret till we find solid proof against them.

An investigation team comprised of some senior employees of the accounting department and the shipping department has been created. This team will look at the account details submitted by the people whose actions are in question. The CEO of the company has strictly asked the investigation team to complete their investigation within the deadline given. The investigation report would be shared with every employee so that there is no ambiguity left that all the employee-facing this investigation were given a fair chance to prove their innocence.

As for Mr. (name of the employee) and Mr. (name of the employee) the company, after looking at the current proofs and the severity of the allegations made against them, has reached a decision to suspend them for the duration of the investigation. After the investigation is complete the company would decide to depend upon the findings of the investigation report if both the employees would be allowed to work and fired from their positions.

The purpose of this action is to find the black sheep in the company.  Your support for the company would be highly appreciated.

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