Leave Letter to Boss

A leave letter to boss is a writeup stated by an employee to seek workdays off from the office for a fixed period. In this letter, an employee stated the reason to be absent from the work and requests to have off days for the purpose included in the letter. The letter is usually presented to the immediate boss or to the person mentioned in the work contract.

Employees in many workplaces have an annual work calendar which already has included the holidays and the seasonal timings. Yet an employee may need to have a few days off due to many reasons, such as

  1. Long term disability
  2. Short term disability
  3. Illness
  4. Maternity/paternity
  5. Own marriage
  6. Recreation or visiting a place
  7. Personal or family issues
  8. Sister/brother/daughter marriage

For writing a leave letter to boss need to be very formal and professional. The letter must have good writing and strong reasoning to make your boss sure that you deserve the leave.


Subject: Leave letter to boss for a family vacation

It hereby informs you that I want to avail of vacation holidays from 01-05-20XX to 15-05-20XX. I have to go to Ontario, Canada with my wife. I shall be back on 16-05-20XX. I have been working on this job since 2015 and this is the first time when I am going to avail vacation leave.

Currently, I am working on three projects which are expected to be completed before I will leave. Miss Faiqa and Mr. Abraham have agreed on completing my leftover work in my absence. My team leader has also issued me a recommendation letter which I have enclosed. I assure you to check all the official emails daily and my work will not be affected at all. In case of an emergency, I can be contacted at [Email].

I hope you will give me a positive response regarding my request letter. Please let me know about its outcome so that I could make arrangements for flight tickets and hotel bookings.

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Subject: Leave letter to boss for a personal reason

I want to forward my request to you to take one day leave due to a personal reason. My sister is going to be engaged tomorrow. To my family, it is an auspicious occasion. In addition, I have a special attachment to her being the eldest of all. I want to share the moments of this special event with my family members.

The responsibility of event arrangement and of the guests has now been put to my shoulders. I am looking after all arrangements and in this condition, it will be very difficult for me to attend the office tomorrow.

Keeping in view this fact, I have completed work pending for tomorrow in advance to avoid inconvenience. I shall be very thankful to you if you allow me to take the day off.

Thanking you in anticipation.

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Subject: Leave letter to boss for father illness

I want to inform you that I am in dire need of an emergency one week leave from 20-04-20XX to 26-04-20XX owing to a serious family problem. Last week, my father had a severe and sudden heart attack. My uncle was there in my home at that time and called an emergency service. Doctors have advised him complete bed rest for a week. Being a single child of my parents, I thought it my responsibility to stay with my father at home. Mr. Meezo has agreed to take responsibility for all the tasks in my absence.

In case of an emergency or serious query, I can be reached through email at [Email]. I have also informed my potential clients to contact me directly at said email if they will have any query related to me. I would be able to concentrate on my work once I see my family issues during this hard time.

I am waiting for your positive response.

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Subject: Leave letter to boss for a doctor appointment

I want this letter to be accepted as a written request that I will be unable to attend the office from 20-04-20XX to 25-04-20XX because of a doctor’s appointment. The reason behind this appointment is that I have not been feeling well for the last two weeks. I got myself checked by the doctor and as a result, he suggested I book consecutive appointments in order to reach the bottom of the problem. Keeping in view my condition, I did that instantly.

I have enclosed all appointment details with dates with this letter for official records and future reference. In case of any query, you can call me on my own cell number. Mr. John has agreed to handle my work in my absence. I hope you will entertain my request and sanction my leave. I am waiting for your positive response.

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Subject: Leave letter to boss for going to temple

I want to inform you that I am in dire need of two weeks’ leave starting from 20-04-20XX. Since last year, I have been thinking about revitalizing my spiritual powers at a sacred place. For this purpose, I planned with my wife to visit the historical temple of Sri Siva along with our children. There we would perform family rituals and thereafter, meet our relatives as well.

Going through my leave record, you can find that I have accumulated a sufficient number of leaves in my account to use them at the proper time. To me, this is the proper time as the work burden is comparatively less these days. You will find no discrepancy in my absence regarding my work. But still, if there is an emergency or a query, I can be contacted through email at [Email]. I hope you will approve my request to visit the temple.

Waiting for your positive response.

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Subject: Leave letter to boss for sister marriage

I, Jacob Leo, working as an assistant in your office, want to inform you through this letter that the wedding ceremony of my sister is going to be held on the first three days of May 20XX. I am to look after all the arrangements and administrative affairs which are related to the ceremony. My father is not well so he cannot take any administrative responsibility these days. In this way, I have taken responsibility for all the work there at my home.

I want one week’s leave for the said purpose. I request you to sanction my leaves for the said period.

I will make sure to be in contact with my office for any query and I will take good care of all my work. I am looking for your positive response.

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Subject: Leave letter to boss for daughter marriage

Last week I told you about the marriage of my beloved daughter which has been fixed on 5-05-20XX. I need to arrange and organize all the events of her wedding and for this purpose, I want two weeks’ leave from the office.

Considering my request, please grant me leave from 24-04-20XX to 7-05-20XX. I shall be back at the office on 8-05-20XX. I have also enclosed an invitation card with this letter. Please join us on this happy occasion.

I am looking forward to your positive response.

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Subject: Leave letter to boss for a friend’s marriage

I, through this letter, forward my formal request for a three days holiday to attend the marriage ceremony of my nearest friend. His wedding is planned to be held on from 5-05-20XX to 07-05-20XX. I will be resuming the office on the 8th of May.

Prior to sending you this letter, I have completed all tasks. For a new one, Mr. Andrew, our senior-most staff member has agreed to take responsibility for my work.

I am waiting for my request to be entertained by you.


Subject: Leave letter to boss for cousin marriage

I am writing this to request you to sanction three days’ leave for my cousin’s marriage which is going to be held on the 5th of May, 20XX.

I have completed work for those days which I am going to take off in advance. Also, I am informing you well before time in order to avoid any inconvenience. As far as my work is concerned, I assure you that it will not be affected at all as you can contact me during my absence on my personal cellular number. I will be available to answer all the queries whenever asked.

I hope you will give due consideration to my request and entertain it positively.

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