Complaint Letter about Employee’s Attitude

I want to bring to your notice that our employee, named Johnson is exhibiting a negative attitude towards his job. He is causing trouble for managers, colleagues, and customers. I have noticed him several times and he is involved in the following malpractices:

  • He always criticizes the company’s decisions, thereby challenging its authority and supremacy.
  • He frequently complains about his colleagues, the branch workload, and even about customers.
  • He also causes tension in the office by gossiping against other colleagues. If there is any problem in the office, he will always exaggerate it.

His attitude is becoming alarming for the company. This kind of approach may prove dangerous. It will have a negative impact on the entire business. I am informing you that if he continues with the same attitude, we will be on the verge of losing our reputation in the market. In that scenario, customers will either stop doing business with us or they will shift their business to somewhere else.

Sir, he is the single employee who is causing irreparable damages and leading the company toward destruction by means of his negative approach towards work. Therefore, it has become a dire need of the time to talk with him. Please spare some time and visit our office as soon as possible. I request you let him know the consequences that he may face owing to his negative attitude.

I hope you will consider my request and take the necessary steps in this regard.

Complaint letter about employees attitude

Sample -2

Subject: Complaint about [X] employee’s attitude

Dear Sir,

My name is Johnson, branch manager of Stars Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. I hereby send my formal complaint against the bad attitude of our employee, Mr. Lee, who is working as a marketing assistant in this branch. It is to inform you that despite several verbal warnings, he has failed to make improvements in his attitude. His approach towards his work and colleagues has always been negative since his induction.

On [date], he created a disturbance in the office and used foul language while quarreling with an older colleague. On a similar occasion, he pointed out his finger to his colleague. He was warned and informed that his attitude at the workplace is not good. Moreover, his language does not seem to be professional. He was issued warning letters on both occasions but he did not take serious steps to rectify his mistakes.

Apart from the above-mentioned problems, I have found him involved in gossiping against his colleagues in a negative way. He has also caused tension within office premises through backbiting. In short, he is exhibiting unprofessionalism and polluting the company’s name which is highly condemnable in the workplace.

Now, the situation is that he has crossed all the limits and this is the right time for you to interfere. I am afraid if he continues with such kind of attitude, it will have a negative impact on our worth. Our company is on the verge of losing its reputation in the market, the workforce is thinking to move to our competitors and our potential customers are thinking about shifting their business to a place with a professional and healthy work environment.

All the above-mentioned incidents demand from you to spare some time and look carefully into the matter. We must eradicate this problem within a short span of time. Please arrange a counseling session with him and if he persists with the same attitude he must be fired.

I hope you will consider my complaint and take the necessary steps to resolve the problem. I am waiting for your kind attention.

Complaint letter about employees attitude

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