Apology Letter for Bad Driving

I am extremely sorry for the disastrous collision which took place between our cars on [date] on the national highway. It all happened due to my bad driving. I heard people saying that my attention was distracted due to my cell phone but this was not the actual reason.

I was rushing to my home because my wife was expecting and I had to take her to the hospital as soon as possible. I was driving at a great speed and I had totally forgotten the speed limit which was 140 Km/hr. Consequently, I could not realize that you had stopped on the road to take a turn. Due to my bad driving, I was not able to have a clear look at the road and this disastrous incident took place. I am sorry that my negligence put you in danger and that you remained in critical condition for a couple of weeks.

Please accept my sincere apology for this incident. I had never intended to indulge in an accident like this. It happened in a hurry because my wife was about to deliver the baby and I had to take her to the hospital without wasting any time. Filled with worries, I was not able to pay full attention to the road and it was the primary cause of the unanticipated incident.

To err is human. I am also a human and therefore, I beg apology for my mistake and the inconvenience which was caused by me. I hope you will forgive me.

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Subject: Apology for bad driving on [X]

Dear Anna,

I hereby express my sincere apology for driving in a bad way. I admit my mistake and also know that I put you and the surrounding traffic at risk by means of my shameful act.

Trust me, I was not showing off my ability to drive fast on the busy road. On [date], I was in a hurry because I had to meet my potential client for the sake of business. I was getting short of time. Therefore, I drove very fast and forgot about the traffic around me. Doing so, I cut you off in a dangerous way and I realized later on that it could have caused heavy loss to you.

I am not excusing my mistake but I have got an important lesson from that incident I should have kept the safety rules on top priority. Driving on the road in that way may prove harmful and one must refrain from it. After that incident, I made a promise that this kind of act would never be repeated by me again in the future.

Although I am sorry for my negligence at the same time, I assure you that I will be more vigilant while driving on a busy road. Please let me know if there has been any loss to your vehicle so that I could pay you for its repair. I hope you will neglect my mistake and forgive me for this act.

Apology letter for bad driving

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